A Typical TBA Consultation

TBA is a very unique system. It is unique because you have probably never seen anything like it. It is also unique because it allows the body to communicate its true needs rather than relying on the limited knowledge of a doctor or practitioner. The information transmitted to and from every cell of your body is done through a complex network called the neurological system. This means that your neurological system knows exactly what is wrong with you at all times. More importantly, it knows why your particular symptom or disease has developed – it knows the cause! Everything that happens to you has been recorded in your energy field and can be accessed through the neurological system. From physical injuries, to food poisoning, to inherited issues to emotional traumas, every bit of information is recorded. Kinesiology is one of the only evaluation techniques able to interpret the information stored in the neurological system. There are various forms of Kinesiology being used around the world (some people call it Muscle Testing). Your Certified TBA Practitioner is trained to combine the most advanced forms of kinesiology with a protocol that identifies the cause of any symptom or complaint you may have.

A TBA Program

A TBA program is the protocol that will be used to correct the areas that have been identified in need of help so that optimal health might be achieved. TBA programs supersede most other program for several reasons. The most important is that a TBA program is custom made for each individual to correct the cause of the problems identified in the evaluation. The ultimate goal in a TBA program is not only to relieve your symptoms, but to find the very reason the symptom or disease occurred. Only then can we achieve complete healing. Each client will typically receive a custom, 2 ounce, homeopathic-style, liquid remedy. The remedy is a liquid that will be used orally in the mouth about 3 times each day. Each remedy is created to address three main areas:

  1. Balance and support the cellular actions and functions of the body that need attention.
  2. Antidote any toxins that might have been inhibiting the body’s natural ability to heal.
  3. Supply the Quantum nutrients needed to accomplish point 1 and 2 above.

When Should I Expect Relief?

Healing occurs when there is enough cellular energy available to begin doing what they were designed to do naturally in a healthy state. How long the toxins have been accumulating in your body, how damaged your systems have become from lack of care and how dedicated you are in following the suggestions your practitioner makes, all play a part in how long it might take for you to see relief of your complaint. The answer to all of these factors is obviously very different for each person. That said, the majority of clients claim a notable percent of relief between 1 and 5 days of beginning their TBA program.


What Makes TBA Unique?

TBA is unique primarily because as the cause of the problem is identified for each individual, a custom remedy can be made to address these. This way, every person gets a remedy (program) that is tailored to their exact need. There is no generic protocol in TBA. There are many natural programs and therapies that can be used to compliment TBA. 


Why Will TBA Help When Other Programs Have Failed?

We have yet to see a program or therapy that compares with the effectiveness of a TBA Program because no other program allows for identification and elimination of the cause rather than Symptom correction. These causes tend to be one or more of the DCA (Disease Causing Agent) categories listed below. One or more of the following DCA’s accumulate in the body and cause or contribute to all pain, sickness or disease by interfering with the normal actions and functions in the body. If you can identify and eliminate these, the body will begin to heal and regenerate. There is no incurable disease!

 DCA Categories Include:

  • Chemical toxins (additives, preservatives, etc.)
  • Food origin toxins (lectins; food reactions, bacteria, etc.)
  • Environmental toxins (mold, chemtrails, plastics, etc.)
  • Cosmetic toxins (hair color, make up, etc.)
  • Medication/narcotic toxin (prescription or illegal)
  • Metal toxins (dental, cookware, jewelry, water, etc.)
  • Injected toxins (vaccination sources, tattoos, etc.)
  • Pathogens (cocci, bacilli, viruses, parasites, etc.)
  • Arthopod toxins (Bite/sting venom sources)
  • Structural toxins (physical trauma or injury)
  • Electromagnetic toxins (EMF, radiation, etc)
  • Emotional toxins (unresolved emotional experiences)
  • Spiritual toxins (unresolved spiritual experiences)
  • Inherited toxins (genetic predispositions influencing gene expression)