How YOU Can Get Well At home!

There are more than 12,000 diseases recognized by modern medicine and over 50 kinds of specialists trained to try and help you. And yet, more money is spent out of pocket each year for alternative medicine than is paid to insurance companies! People want HELP, not another drug or a body part harvested. While we are thankful for the amazing progress that has been made in the area of emergency medicine, if you are looking for help with one of your health conditions, it simply is not available in main stream medicine.

True, you can get medication for many things, but that is not solving the problem. Wouldn't it be better to figure out why a body function is no longer working efficiently rather than treat it with drugs or surgery? Why doesn't traditional medicine have that view? Simple, if you get better, they can't sell you more drugs! Understanding the body is not so mysterious. Medication use and dosage is very complex and requires medical training, but natural healing is not that complex.  When you look at the body as a living organism in its complete form, neither the disease process nor the healing process becomes so complex that it requires a specialist. Matter of fact, the miracle of healing is already a part of the human body. Activating it has to do with viewing the body in a holistic manner rather than a mechanical body "full of parts" that needs medication to function properly.

If you have a life threatening emergency, please call 911. But if you desire to correct your health condition without drugs or surgery, we are here to help you. We know you can become healthy no matter what your issue or complaint, and we are not trying to sell you a bunch of pills to take, you are going to love this!

We Offer A Completely Unique Concept

Most websites that supply Nutritional Supplements and their experts that discuss Nutritional Supplementation promote that the body needs supplement nutrition in order to heal or recover. People in search of natural medicine look for the herbs, vitamins, or minerals that may help reverse the symptom(s) in question. We offer a completely different point of view, a new and revolutionary concept that Dr. DeHaan discovered. This concept has been tried and proven with phenomenal success for almost two decades! In a nutshell, the body never becomes deficient and never actually runs out of a nutrient! Wow! What?

To help understand this concept, think of every nutrient in your body like a light bulb. If you walk into a room and the light is off, your first thought is not that you need to change the light bulb. No, your first thought is that you need to flip the switch and turn the current on so the bulb will light up. What most people don't realize is that the nutrition they ingest in a healthy diet is only useful because there is a current, a frequency that charges that nutrient to make it nutritionally effective. The current IS the effective part of a supplement and certainly the most effective part of a good diet.

How does this essential current become dormant? Sometimes it is inherited, it can be from eating a diet that is unhealthy and unbalanced (that is nature's intended way of giving you the current), age can be a factor and accumulated toxins contribute a whole lot. Any combination of these factors causes a given nutrient to become dormant, like a bear hibernating in winter time. When you supply the current, the nutrients are powered, the body's intelligence and immune system is restored, symptoms dissipate and tissues begin to heal. This effective concept will not only optimize your body's health, just think of the money you will save if you don't have to buy so many supplements each year! It will also save you from the damaging effects that low quality supplements cause by contributing to waste build-up in your body.

What we offer in the GWSW program is the current to power up the many body parts, functions and nutrition hard-wired in your DNA. We help you rekindle your healing miracle. Most of the medicine we offer comes as a liquid, homeopathic-style remedy that will be taken orally several times a day. Our complex remedies are designed to help your body balance the various issues that allowed your body to become unhealthy in the first place. Essentially, every time you take the remedy, it "reminds your body how to heal."

3 steps to achieve your miracle

The only reason that any health condition arises is because some action or function in the body stops working optimally. Whether it is a migraine, diabetes, menstrual pain, constipation, arthritis or (insert your issue here), they are all manifest- ations of some action or function which no longer works right. It IS NOT from a lack of medication! You need to ask why that cell or function is not working properly. We plan to help you with that question. Don't cover it up or cut it out, fix it! In order to achieve maximum results, you need to address all THREE of the areas that may be contributing to your health condition.

  1. Select the Symptom or Disease that best fits your primary health condition from the alphabetical listing. A symptom remedy contains a complex list of proprietary signatures that Dr. DeHaan has found effective for relief and healing of that issue.
  2. You need to Support the System involved. For example, acne is a Symptom but the deeper issue originates from the skin, which is one of the Systems of the body. Below each Symptom remedy, you will see the recommended System remedy.
  3. One of the key discoveries Dr. DeHaan made in his 20 years of clinical practice is that there is always a toxin involved in creating the imbalance or dysfunction in the System. So the answer to "why" the body action or function does not work is generally a toxin of some sort. This makes the third recommended remedy, a Detox. Unfortunately, there are far too many toxins that might be responsible so we are not always able to match the exact detox remedy. If a Detox remedy is listed under your condition, it is because we have found that toxin is often involved with the Health Condition you selected. If nothing is listed, you can do one of the following:
  • Select the Detox remedy you feel is the right match. If you feel confident with your choice, select it and add it to your cart. If you pick the wrong remedy, it cannot harm you in any way.
  • If you are not sure, you may use the Symptom + System remedy suggested and give your body a chance to heal without a Detox remedy.
  • Or, let us help you pick out exactly what you need. Use our On-line Consulting option and let one of our experts help recommend the right remedy combination for your particular health issue.

Make SURE elimination is up to par

Our Quantum Remedies work very effectively to get your body working again, to get that healing miracle jump started. As your body gets rid of the waste, toxins and poisons that were causing your health condition, your elimination channels need to work very efficiently if you want optimum results. The most important elimination channel is the Large Intestine. Did you know that your body should eliminate 95% of the foods you eat? Only 5% or less contains the nutrients and energy your body needs, the rest is waste that needs to be eliminated.

We only provide a few Nutritional Supplements in our program because we find it is much more effective to supplement the current than it is the raw vitamins and minerals. The main exception to this is the elimination factor. Dr. DeHaan has found proper elimination equals one bowel movement for every meal that you eat. At the very least, you should have one large bowel movement each day. If not, please take our herbal fiber formula called IC-1 along with your Quantum Remedies. If you have a history of chronic constipation (go once every few days), you may want our stronger herbal laxative called Bowel Stimulant. It is all herbs and it is fantastic!

Dr. DeHaan has used this protocol for just about any disease or condition you can imagine. He took his 20 years of healing people with his 'current-based' Quantum remedies and is now making it available "over the counter" for your convenience. Don't you think it is time to get some relief without drugs or surgery? You deserve it. Stop living with health complaints and stop using poison (prescriptions) to relieve health conditions. Nothing offered on this site can harm you in any way, and it may very well be the answer you seek, so you have nothing to lose! Use the alphabetical listing above, find the health condition you seek help with and start your journey of natural healing right now.

How Long Will It Take To Heal?

Herring Law of Cure states, "All cure starts from within out, from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared or been suppressed." As a rule of thumb, it takes the body one month of healing for every year the symptom or disease has been a problem. That said, we generally expect to see results within days, often hours of taking your Quantum remedies, particularly if you follow the recommended protocols and assure elimination is working. One thing is for certain, there is ALWAYS an answer, never give up hope!