Practitioner Downloads

We do not require you become certified to practice TBA because there is no possible way you can harm anyone in any way. We do not want to create unecessary restrictions for those who simply desire to help family, friends, pets or clients. That said, we only list people as Certified if they have completed all parts of the Certification Exam with satisfaction. While TBA is not able to harm anyone, achieving maximum, repeatable results obviously requires the protocols our training provides. Following are some of the forms and labels we suggest you use to keep your TBA testing at its highest level of efficiency.

Permission Form .pdf
Please note that this is not a legal disclaimer. You need to ask your attorney or the person you trust what the best legal disclaimer for your situation is. 

Evaluation Form .pdf 

Basic Bottle Labels word doc

The liquid solution we use in the 2 ounce bottles (which we call mother solution) is a combination of steam distilled water or reverse osmosis, willard water and brandy. Please call our office if you would like us to share ratios and contact information about where we get our supplies.