System Support Remedies

Traditionally speaking, a body system is a group of body parts that work together to achieve certain goals. Body systems are made up of organs. For example, the Respiratory System includes the lungs, bronchials, trachea and the nose, while the Female Reproductive System includes ovaries, a uterus, vagina and mammary glands. Organs are body parts that perform a specific task for the system they belong to. In this case, the uterus, ovary and mammary gland are completely different organs within a system. Each of these organs is made up of tissues and tissues are made up of groups of cells.

Disease begins when disruption of the simple cells within an organ occurs. If not corrected, the entire system can become compromised over time. Illness is often defined by the presence of a symptom, disease or health complaint. These health issues are all caused when the function within certain cells and tissues within an organ has lost its ability to perform the way it should. In order for health to be achieved, we must include support for the cells and tissues related to the health issue you desire help with.

As you can see from the column to the left, we far surpassed the traditional, common systems when it comes to remedies that support the body. The main reason for this is that most health issues do not encompass an entire system. When you take one of our Quantum Remedies, your body gets busy supporting the exact cells, tissues and functions discussed on that page.

NOTE: We do not believe that Support Remedies are a complete program. Something causes the cells and functions to cease doing their task normally. You can generally expect that a Detox Remedy is required in assisting to correct the real cause. Lack of health is generally defined by the presence of a symptom, disease or health complaint. If that is correct in your case, the Symptom/Disease section indicates exactly which of these System Remedies you will need to choose, so you may want to start there. However, feel free to pick any of the Support Remedies listed and use it as directed. If you choose an incorrect System Remedy, you cannot harm your body in any way.

For further education on how the body works, please check out Dr. DeHaan's book, Functional Physiology.