Metals Kit

Heavy Metal Toxicity is a common topic in alternative medicine, but TBA does not find that the common teachings about heavy metals or detoxification of heavy metals is completely correct.

     Contents Of The Metals Kit

The common method of testing for heavy metal toxicity is through hair analysis. Hair does contain more accurate elemental residue than blood or urine, but we do not consider it to be an accurate measure of heavy metals in the body. Chelation with EDTA is the common form of heavy metal detoxification. And yes, we have an issue with that too. Read About Chelation

We have found an inconsistency in what people commonly believe to be heavy metal toxicity and what is really going on. You see, we have had many people come to our office looking for help in the detoxification of heavy metals after being tested with hair analysis. The peculiar thing is that TBA was not finding heavy metals to be an issue. We corrected the issues we did discover with TBA and found that the heavy metal issue corrected itself without any detoxification of heavy metals.

What we have determined is that every element from the periodic table is included as part of human chemistry. The difference between an element being good for the body or bad for the body is if it is organic or inorganic. Organic is good for the body and generally comes from plant sources. Inorganic is from the fillings in teeth, cookware, cosmetics, vaccinations, air pollution, etc, etc. All elements on the periodic table are made of specific proton and electron configurations. If you change the number of either, the element becomes a different element. What we have discovered is that when a person becomes toxic or out of balance, cellular functions somehow begin changing proton and electron configurations. Basically, the body is making its own heavy metals! So here you are trying to detoxify something that your own body is creating. Obviously, if you want to correct the real issue, you need a way to find the real issue and the Metals Kit is exactly what you need.

The metals kit allows you to find the inorganic elements in the body, which are very rarely the mercury, lead and common metals people look for in hair analysis. If the element is in the body from exposure, there are so many possibilities of how that element might have been exposed to the body, it is almost impossible to find out. But if you track that element back to the Master kit, you will find what preliminary toxin was the issue that allowed the metal toxin to accumulate or cause the proton / electron “switch” that allowed the body to create its own heavy metal/s.

The Metals kit contains a sample of every item on the periodic table. As mentioned, there is no way to know where or how you might have gotten exposed to an element, so there are no descriptions for the contents, just a list. Even medication is high in inorganic compounds.