We have created this website and all of the information and items contained within it to help you Get Well and Stay Well AT HOME. We are aware that the general mind set around the world now is to go see a doctor for health issues. But the medical system trains doctors to use drugs and surgery to control symptoms.   Those options do not offer healing, and they certainly are not healthy for your body. The body was created to heal, it’s just a matter of knowing how to help that process. There is an alternative, completely natural and non-toxic way to gain relief and actually heal almost any health condition. Not suppress it with a medication, actually heal it! You will find the word ‘sacred’ throughout this site because the fact that we were all created with the miracle to self heal is truly, a sacred gift.

If you have a life threatening emergency, please go to the emergency room! However, if you are sick of toxic drugs and the many side effects they bring, if you believe getting better does not require harvesting body parts, than begin your journey of healing today.

Dr. DeHaan offers you more than two decades of experience in helping people get well and stay well. If you follow his protocols, you may be able to become your own doctor and Get Well AT HOME. If you don’t have any health challenges at the moment, use the information on this site to Stay Well.

Please enjoy all the articles listed on the left. We look forward to being of service. If we have not discussed a topic that is of importance to you, please contact us and let us know. Be sure to sign up for our updates so we can keep you informed.