We provide some basic Nutritional Supplements for our Get Well, Stay Well Program, but the bulk of our Program utilizes remedies that are liquid, often referred to as Homeopathic-style in the way that they work. A homeopathic has no detectable ingredients, only the residue energy ‘signature’ from the substance it was made from. This is traditionally achieved via dilution. The remedy becomes so dilute that a homeopathic remedy has no detectible amounts of the plant or poison, only the energy signature of such. The cells respond to that ‘energy signature’ and the physical body creates chemical changes accordingly.

Our GWSW remedies are a bit different than a traditional homeopathic. Our remedies are NOT made from any “item” like a traditional homeopathic, and thus there is no ingredient list. Our remedies are unique in that they contain a ‘set of instructions’ that remind your body what it is supposed to be doing. It is kind of like a set of computer codes that allow you to press the save button on your computer and that simple action launches a series of things that get your item saved to where you want on your computer. This is our own proprietary system.

While we are told that 2/3 of our bodies are water, in reality, 99% of the molecules in our body are water molecules. That makes water the most important factor in health and disease. The only question is how the water is influenced to be either positive or negative in its final outcome. Our GWSW remedies are similar to a homeopathic in that you take it, and your cells decode the ‘set of instructions’ we put in the remedy. That’s right, the water is programmed with a set of directions to assist in the area the remedy was made for. Please review this video for more specific information on how this is possible. If you are pressed for time, just watch minute 6=7.

To help understand it, remember that every cell in the body is electro-chemical. When you take nutritional supplements or a pain pill, it affects the chemical response in the cell. Our Quantum remedies work on the electro part of the cell, and that is the part that dictates what the chemical response will be. Thus, if you can initiate enough change in the electro part of the cell, you can modify what chemical response is initiated, but the chemical response is created by your own body.