New Concept in Healing

There are more than 12,000 diseases recognized by modern medicine and over 50 kinds of specialists trained to monitor these diseases. A cure is never part of the conversation, the only options are suppression or treatment with drugs, or surgery. Why doesn’t anyone talk about WHY you developed the symptom or disease to start with, and address that cause? The short answer is, “It is not profitable to actually cure an illness.” There are too many people that want real answers. Too many people that are sick of the racket, sick of the side effects from drugs, sick of the lack of answers in the current medical system. Is it any wonder that more money is spent out of pocket each year for alternative medicine than is paid to insurance companies for insurance plans? People want HELP, not another drug or a body part harvested. While we are thankful for the amazing progress that has been made in the area of emergency medicine, if you are looking for help with one of your health conditions, it simply is not available in main stream medicine.

It is true that some effective medications have been created to help regulate and treat many conditions, but we believe it is better to heal a condition rather than treat (mask) it with drugs or surgery. When you look at the body as a living organism in its complete form, neither the disease process nor the healing process becomes so complex that it requires a specialist. Matter of fact, the miracle of healing is already a part of the human body. Activating it has to do with viewing the body in a holistic manner rather than a mechanical body “full of parts.


A Revolutionary Idea!

IF you have been a student of natural healing, you may have spent countless hours trying to learn what nutrient or nutritional element you need for each vital area of life. Even more confounding than that is trying to find a company with high quality products! HCMI is not a supplement based operation. We offer a completely different point of view, a new and revolutionary concept that Dr. DeHaan discovered. This concept has been tried and proven with phenomenal success for almost two decades! In a nutshell, the body never becomes deficient and never actually runs out of an element! Wow! What?

That’s right, every element (you might call them nutrients), every healing potential is hard wired into your DNA, you can never run out of it. So why are there so many sick people? Because those elements can lose their active potential. Think about it for a moment. If a person is healed through divine miracle, what nutritional supplement was used? None! But the body somehow accessed those potentials to achieve the miracle. From the point of science, even a miracle has definable data. What about other therapies that initiate healing without any nutrition or supplements? From acupuncture and energy healing to the power of human touch, how did the healing occur if the elements needed to chemically induce the reaction were never supplied?

To help understand this concept, think of every nutrient or healing element in your body like a light bulb. If you walk into a room and the light is off, your first thought is not that you need to change the light bulb. No, your first thought is that you need to flip the switch and turn the electrical current on so the bulb will light up, right? What most people don’t realize is that the nutrition they ingest in a healthy diet is only useful because there is a current, a frequency that charges that nutrient to make it effective. The current IS the effective part of a healthy food or a high quality supplement.

So how does this essential current become dormant or inefficient so those nutritional elements appear to be in a state of deficiency? The TBA system was designed to answer that exactly question. Sometimes it is inherited predisposition. But most often, it is the result of eating a diet that is unhealthy and unbalanced (that is nature’s intended way of giving you the current). Age can be a factor and accumulated toxins contribute a whole lot! Any combination of these factors causes a given nutrient to become dormant, like a bear hibernating in winter time, it is there, but it just isn’t active. When you supply the current, the nutrients are powered, the body’s intelligence and immune system is restored, symptoms dissipate and tissues begin to heal. This effective concept will not only optimize your body’s health, just think of the money you will save if you don’t have to buy so many supplements each year! It will also save you from the damaging effects that low quality supplements cause by contributing to waste build-up in your body.


The Healing Miracle

Every TBA remedy supplies the current needed to reactivate healing potential. It works to signal. When you supply the current, the nutrients are once again activated, the body’s intelligence and immune system is restored, the toxins move out, cells regenerate, symptoms dissipate and tissues begin to heal. Now THAT is a sacred miracle!