Welcome to HCMI

Health Care Ministry International (HCMI) is a Seminary of Natural Healing. We have experienced, therefore promote, that the body has every potential and ability to fully and totally heal. If the cause of the sickness or disease is identified and corrected, the body is able to initiate new healthy cells to replace the old sick ones. This sacred miracle is programmed into the DNA of every living thing.

Nature was created to provide everything necessary for all living creatures on earth to have vibrant health and healing. Benjamin Franklin said, “Nature performs the cure, the physician takes the fee.” Sadly, most people have forgotten that living things have the miracle of healing available in every genetic expression. Drug companies have monopolized health care and turned it into a business of profit. Even those doctors that are open minded to the more natural options get discouraged and even penalized by the modern system of health care.

It is saddening that the balance of our planet has been shifted and our natural foods have become infused with poisons and become genetically modified to satisfy corporate greed and agendas. Nature’s medicine has become governed by unethical regulations and people have all but lost the right to choose their medicine. Propaganda, health insurance, deception in the name of science and the appearance of convenience steers people away from healing and toward medications and harmful procedures.

HCMI specializes in providing natural solutions to health and healing for any who seek it. We have discovered that all pain, sickness and disease are the result of imbalance on some level. When balance is introduced, health and harmony for all living things (yes, people and animals alike) can be achieved. The result is Well–Being, health, vitality and disease reversal. What we offer is not another method or technique; it is a system that gets sick people well with no drugs, no surgery, no harmful side effects. We do not believe in the disease outcome that people have been told to accept with ‘age’ or as genetic destiny. You can be healthy, happy and disease free, and in most cases, you can achieve it without drugs or harvesting of body parts. If you seek a natural approach to being healthy, or you wish to become a provider of natural healing, we would like to encourage you and offer any assistance you desire.

There is no incurable illness, only a lack of understanding how to achieve it.


According to medical science, the human body completely renews itself every 7 years. The cornea replaces itself every 24 hours, the skin every 14 days, the blood cells every 90 days, the soft tissue every 6 months, and the dense tissue every 2-7 years. If the entire body is continually creating new cells, why do we still have symptoms? Why are we developing disease as we age? Why doesn’t the body just make new, healthy cells every time cells reproduce?


As you can see, there is never an excuse for illness, only a lack of understanding how to create new, healthy cells rather than more old, diseased duplicates. It is not a matter of IF you can heal, it is a matter of HOW to activate that miracle. A practitioner using the TBA system has the training and equipment to identify what the cause of your symptom or disease is. They can help you eliminate the reason cells make sick duplicates rather than healthy ones to take their place.