Nutrition Kits

We all know that nutrition is the foundational element to health. Science understands that nutrition must remain in a special proportion if a fetus is expected to mature and develop into a healthy baby. Does the principle change when it comes to maintaining a healthy adult body? Absolutely not. Nutrition is required to maintain health and it is required to achieve health. The importance of nutrition is promoted in every avenue of life, even the local news. There are many, many companies selling supplements of all kinds. But you don’t have to support those companies if you learn the truth.

Our research has found that the body is not always deficient in nutrients as much as the body is unable to utilize nutrients. Each nutrient consists of two parts: a physical molecule and a micro current that makes that molecule effective in the body. Molecules without a micro current are about as effective as a light bulb without electricity. The bulb is there, but it is not going to work without current. Cooking and processing destroy the currents in food (and nutritional supplements), reducing or totally destroying the nutritional value.

Most foods and supplements available in today’s market consist of molecules without current. Foods are picked green, agriculture is sprayed with chemicals and fertilizers, enzyme blockers are placed in foods so they won’t rot as quickly (which is bad since enzymes are a key element in making the electric current) and finally the manufacturing process destroys what good might have been left. This makes the majority of today’s food and supplements of little or no value to the body. It’s just filler food.

Things You Can Do With These Nutrition Kits (Advanced Uses)

This kit contains every specific cell salt, vitamin, mineral, amino acid, digestive enzyme category, fatty acid and other specific nutrient needed for the body to achieve total and complete wellness. If you do not find a specific nutrient in this kit, it is because it is a secondary nutrient to one of the nutrients in the kit. This means that one of the nutrients in these Nutrition Kits are out of balance. Fix it and the secondary nutrients will balance themselves.


  1. The main reason for these Nutrition Kits is to help identify what nutritional “current” needs to be stimulated in order to balance any particular body system, action or function. The “current” is the important part of the nutrient, and only a homeopathic can supply that consistently.
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  2. Many believe they are deficient in certain nutritional elements. Self diagnosis is often the result of books, articles, television, internet research, etc. If current is the active part of a nutrient, taking more of a nutrient will be of little or no benefit. Hyper dosing, or taking more of that nutrient, could even be toxic to the body. (Particularly when using vitamins and mineral supplements, this is rarely the case with an herbal supplement.) These Nutrition kits give you the ability to make a remedy of any nutrient or combination of nutrients and supply the current of that nutrient to the body without risking possible overdose of a single nutritional element that.
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  3. This kit also allows you to see if any other nutrient is intrinsically involved. Intrinsic means “required for complete metabolism.” Perhaps you have heard that calcium needs a certain amount of magnesium in order for the calcium to remain in solution and be of full benefit to the body. In this case, magnesium is the intrinsic factor. No matter how much of an element you take, it is worthless if it is not taken up by the cells, and this cannot happen if the intrinsic factors are missing. Again, taking actual nutritional supplements can be toxic, but supplying the current of that nutrient has no negative side effects on a short term or long term basis.
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  4. You can track any Nutritional vial to the A&P kits to see what systems or functions within that system have been weakened by the lack of that nutrient.
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