Our office receives calls and emails from people all over the world looking for local practitioners who can help identify and correct the cause of their symptoms and diseases. There is no shortage of people that are sick and tired of the failure that modern medicine provides. TBA has gained a reputation for actually helping people Get Well, and at the end of the day, that is what most people want, to get well without harmful drugs and surgery.

When you become certified, we post your name on our website as a local practitioner in your area. Certification means you have passed the test and we freely advertise you as an extension of what we do and who we are. While we encourage Certification, you do not have to become certified to practice TBA. There are hundreds of people using TBA around the world that never cared for certification so are not listed on this site. Certification is not necessary to practice as there is no legal component needed (that we know of) to help others. 

To take the Certification Exam, you must first purchase all of the items needed to learn and practice TBA (Books, DVD’s, Remedy Maker, Test Kits). The exam will include a series of questions you must answer and send back to our office within 10 days. You will also be asked to fill out some reports we provide about the way you are practicing TBA and making health programs. These forms essentially show us that you know how to follow the protocols for making effective remedies an programs. If you complete everything satisfactorily, you receive a Certification and are posted on our website as a Certified TBA Practitioner in your area. If you do not pass, you may be asked to Intern with us.

Internship is the process of coming to our headquarters location in North Carolina and sitting in with Dr. DeHaan for a full day of clients. You get to see exactly how TBA works on a real basis. If you are unable to make it to NC, DVD 04 is a recording of several clients being assessed with the TBA method.

All certified students in the US will be required to attend an advanced class once each year offered by HCMI.