Anatomy & Physiology Kit Set

You will find a sample of every major organ or gland in this kit set along with every type of tissue that makes up that organ or gland AS WELL AS every action or function of that organ or gland. That means every hormone, neurotransmitter, metabolic function, you name it, there is a sample. Used properly, you can get more information with these kits than an x-ray and a blood test combined. In order to have this precision, this kit set contains 4 boxes totaling 598 samples. A list of contents is the only real justice to this kit set.

Contents of the A&P Kit Set (PDF)

Because each vial can be used to make a remedy of that item (with the Remedy Maker), you can balance any area of the body that you find weak. Imagine the ability to cleanse your blood, strengthen the immune system, supply a hormone that might be out of balance or just support the systems you may have inherited weakness in.

Things You Can Do With The A&P Kits

The A&P (Advanced Kits) contains samples of every part and function of the human body.


  1. The first A&P kit (there are four in total) contains a tow of 30 category vials. This is a single vial that represents every part and function of the system indicated on the vial. There is a vial for Cellular, Teeth, Stomach, Liver, Pituitary, etc. You can use these to get a quick idea of what systems may be in need of help. When you find a category vial weak, you can track it to the sub-vials in that system to identify the exact action or function of that system that needs attention. For example, if you find the Eyes are weak, you can go to the sub-vials for Eyes and find out exactly what part or function of the eye is weak. At that point you can either make a remedy for the eyes as discussed in the TBA training, or use the information to suggest the supplement that will target the exact area in need.
    Remedy: A&P[category] > A&P[subcategory] > Master > Nutrition.
  2. Sometimes, a system becomes weakened or out of balance because it is taking up for lack of health in a different system. Correcting the system that is manifesting the symptom isn’t really solving the problem. The A&P kits allow you to track the system or body function in question to the other systems to identify if there is indeed another system responsible. True health always looks at the whole picture, not just symptom relief. Example: You have blood pressure problems, but the heart does not really test weak. You can track it to the other system and might find it is Kidney (renin), Pituitary (a governing hormone) or some other system that is weak. The heart is reflecting the symptom, but the cause is a totally different system. This saves you from treating systems that are not really the cause of the problem.
    Remedy: A&P[category] > A&P[subcategory] > Master > Nutrition.
  3. Any A&P vial or sub-category vial can be tracked to the Master Kit to see what the true cause of the problem is if you are interested in correcting the cause rather than patching up the manifested problem.
    Remedy: A&P[category] > A&P[subcategory] > Master > Nutrition.
  4. Any A&P vial can be tracked to the Nutrition Kits to see what specific nutrition would be of benefit to balance that system, action or function. If you or your client tends to be really sensitive to remedies, you may want to omit the DCA vials from the equation and make the remedy with just the A&P vials and the Nutrition vials. This would be a support remedy.
    Remedy: A&P[category] > A&P[subcategory] > Nutrition.