DVD 01 -Kinesiology and Self Testing

What is a healthy diet and lifestyle? Learn the concept of health and healing, what it takes to Get Well and Stay Well. And how important is supplementation? But which supplements are good and which ones are just taking your money? Can supplements actually harm you? If done properly, kinesiology is potentially the most accurate form of diagnosis in existence. DVD 01 includes the visual instruction needed to understand basic kinesiology as discussed in Book 01-02. It includes various methods of self testing and information so you can use your self testing skills on things like foods and supplements. Find out what your allergies are, what foods may not be so good for you. Or see if your skin care products are harming you long term. Self testing can help you gain answers to all of that and much, much more.

DVD 02 –Use of TBA Kits and Remedy Maker

This DVD is no longer current because of all the updates and improvements that TBA has had in the last couple years. Please make sure your name is on the TBA Update email list (below to your left) so that you can be alerted when the new DVD is ready. In the mean time, if you click on “What is Total Body Analysis” to the left, and “Remedy Maker” you will get a basic idea of what TBA is all about and what it can do.

DVD 03 -Using Muscle Testing

Each muscle or group of muscles in the body is connected to one particular organ or gland (or one of its functions.) This means that the general strength and health of each muscle is a direct reflection of its governing system. Strength of a muscle is not governed by exercise, but by the health of the corresponding system or internal function. Muscle Testing is a wonderful tool for identifying the causative system responsible for structural/ musculoskeletal pain or weakness. TBA uses muscle testing primarily as a confirmation tool for the TBA program.

DVD 04 -Real Evaluations with Dr. DeHaan

It is often helpful to see just how a system was designed to be used. This video shows Dr. DeHaan doing TBA consultations on actual clients. Some words and phrases are not to be used unless you are a medical doctor, so you will see how certain questions are answered, how much information is given to a client, how the TBA program was created and so forth. DVD 02 is protocol for use of the kits while this video helps you see the kits in action on real people with real health complaints. Two of the consultations are new. Watch as he does TBA, addresses a possible malignant tumor creating an eye to bulge out of its socket! …explain how the kinesiology works, demonstrate it, deal with the skepticism and explain it all in less than 16 minutes! The second case includes blood in the urine and a spot on the bladder according to a medical test that was done. After one month medical report shows spot is smaller and no blood in urine. Third case came in previously with a history of lymphoma. Got on the Primal Diet (that’s a fun one if you have not heard of it … must eat raw meat! Mmmmm) for a while and got that under control. Eats and lives very healthy but now has been diagnosed with Celiac disease…severe bloating and gas. TBA shows no wheat issues, so how do we handle it? We get into pretty detailed discussion understanding the concept of allergies and causative factors. Also get into cancer, ph and finding the best ph strips. The last case started having seizures for no reason…turns out to be a build up of Aspartame sweetener! Also has numbing pain in the arm. More than his actual complaints is how the testing protocol turned out. Pretty unique in a few ways. See how I use the Master A&P vial rather than pulling all the vials in one section and how we write it on the Evaluation sheet.