Steps To Learning TBA

TBA training is primarily a home study course, which means you don’t have to interrupt your life and go to a facility to learn. Study At Your Own Pace From Anywhere In The World. Everything you need to become one of the most competent health practitioners on the planet has been put in training manuals and DVD’s. That makes it possible for you to study as slowly or as quickly as you desire. Because there is no possible way to harm anyone with the TBA system, you may begin making remedies for your friends, family or clients just as soon as you desire.

How Is TBA Different From Other Alternative Modalities?

TBA allows you to identify the cause and be able to create and administer custom remedies designed to eliminate the cause of the problem in each individual. Used properly, TBA can help any pain, symptom or disease. People from all modalities and walks of life learn TBA. After learning TBA, people tell us that they can finally get their family or clients or patients well (and their pets as well).

When people see TBA in action, they are generally amazed. One of the primary questions we hear is, “How do you do that?” Kinesiology is the most important skill needed to use TBA with success. Kinesiology (often called muscle testing) is a basic skill you can learn from many people. You may already know a version of kinesiology. How you use it, or the protocol you follow with it is what will take you from a basic user to an expert. Our training material will teach you the basics if you require it, then take you all the way to expert and mastery. The Test Kits listed on the left are what we use as the protocol for TBA, so you will require them in order to achieve the success we have spoken of. Of course, nothing is as helpful as a little time, practice and experience.

You need NO prerequisite information to practice TBA effectively – we will teach you everything you need to know. If you have previous experience in kinesiology, you will progress faster just because it saves you some time in learning and practice. If you already practice a healing modality, use it along with TBA. Every kind of healing modality is complimentary to TBA.


How Long Will My TBA Training Take?

The most challenging part of TBA for most people is becoming confident in the self test version of kinesiology we use. It is required to do the testing / evaluating. There is a lot of information you can learn, but TBA is set up in such a way that if you follow the protocols, you can help people get well before you even understand all the intricate details. Realistically, as soon as you have a fairly proficient skill with kinesiology, you can start to help people with your TBA kits. And remember, you can’t hurt anyone with TBA, ever!

How Do I get Started?

All of the training material used to Master TBA has been outlined on the left. You do not have to purchase the entire system at one time, because you will be learning in phases. The first thing you need to do is Read Book 01, and Watch DVD 01. Together, these will give you a basic understanding of diet, nutrition and lifestyle so you can begin implementing these changes into your life and anyone you encounter that seeks your help in getting well. DVD 01 shows you the basics of Kinesiology as well as several ways to learn to self test. Learning to self test is the KEY to being good at TBA.

The next thing you will need is the Remedy Maker. It is the cornerstone of making custom remedies for yourself and others. We generally recommend you purchase the Symptom Kit along with the Remedy Maker. This allows you to start without a large investment and kind of ‘get your feet wet’ on the path of what will become TBA. You will practice making remedies for self and others, and practice your self testing. As you gain confidence and excitement because you are seeing people get better, you begin your purchase of the TBA kits and the rest of the system.

If you need more assistance on how or where to start, please feel free to contact our main office at 704-730-9115.

Although a generous income can be attained with the TBA system, imagine the reward you will feel as you see people truly healed of their pain, sickness and disease. This is more than symptom relief and more than natural treatment