Book 01 -The Foundation of Health

Maintaining Health with Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle

Even though TBA gives the practitioner the ability to create programs that are certain to produce results in the presence of even the most chronic and severe conditions, it cannot be argued that the foods we eat and the lifestyle we lead will greatly enhance and prolong the results achieved with TBA programs. If wellness is to be achieved or maintained, certain foundational principles must be incorporated into each person’s daily life. Book 01 discusses many of the current diet programs explaining pros and cons of each and then summarizes what might be considered the “best” diet in light of the fact that it is not possible to achieve a single perfect diet in modern society. What role do genes play in health and disease? What role do supplements play and which ones promote health while others actually contribute to the problem? All nutrition is not created equal. Discussions about the music we choose to listen to, relationships, exercise, and so much more can be found in the pages of Book 01.

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BOOK 02 -Mastering Health

Using Kinesiology and Muscle Testing to Create Custom Health Programs

People are expressly concerned with symptom relief. In TBA, there is always a cause behind the symptom, and we want to find it. Tissues may become weakened in the body and functions may cease, but why these things are occurring should be considered as the real cause of the problem. Book 02 details the primary cause of most sickness and disease as an accumulation of toxic elements that create the symptoms we have learned to mask with medications and surgery. While alternative therapies and nutritional supplements can provide excellent symptom relief and system support, they do not serve to eliminate the cause of the problem. A detailed briefing of all the possible causative factors (toxic agents) are discussed. From germs like parasites, viruses and fungi, to chemicals, food preservatives and emotional toxins, a method of evaluation for toxin accumulation is in order. There is only one diagnostic tool that can reveal this kind of information, and that is an advanced form of kinesiology. The unparalleled success of TBA programs is primarily due to the TBA kits discussed in the pages of Book 02. Book 02 discusses detailed information about kinesiology & muscle testing, including a scientific basis for them, protocol, technique and every aspect needed to make you one of the most effective practitioners in the world.

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A Practical Discussion of How the Body Works

Modern medicine has created specialists for every particular part of the body. This is great for emergency medicine, but this never allows the body to be seen as a whole. If health care is to be understood in its fullest capacity, an understanding of all the interactions of the body is essential. When the body is fully discovered and understood, it will reveal secrets about what imbalances need to be corrected without invasive tests and exploratory surgery. Did you know, for example, that the face gives a general picture of every organ and gland in the body? Did you know that the way you are built and the pattern of weight gain indicates inherited weaknesses you may have? The book includes the various emotional profiles of a system when it is weak and how to interpret that. We were created with all these secrets, but we must learn how to read them. The reason for lack of healing is often because the causative system has not been identified. It is important to understand the interactions in the body. Book 03 discusses physiology in depth, but not as you would find it in the average anatomy book. Book 03 reveals the actions and functions of each system while discussing the interactions and potential problems that may arise when other systems that correlate with each system become weakened. Book 03 also includes page after page of face reading and body typing.

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BOOK 04- The Nature of Reality & The Origin of Matter

An overall thesis of human electromagnetics

People don’t question how a fax machine can send a document over a telephone wire, or how a wireless computer can transmit a photograph to a wireless printer. We don’t question how the MRI scan works or even the lie detector, but when it comes to alternative practices that don’t fall under the medical system’s approval, all of the unexplainable becomes pseudoscience at best, evil and occult at worst. The purpose of this thesis is to supply the science which explains that the same technology that allows your radio to pick up on the dialed frequency is indeed real, even though you can’t see it. If a radio signal you can’t see is real, what else is there in the world around us that is not visible in the three dimensions we use to judging everything by? Medicine is desperately trying to analyze the shell to see how to correct the programs that cause illness and disease, but analyzing the shell will not reveal answers any more than x-raying a laptop computer will indicate what programs are installed in the memory. This book demonstrates that the essence of who we are is not what you can see or dissect in a lab, it is something much deeper. If we can connect with that, we have really found the secret to health, wellness and a host of things that you may never have imagined!

Combine all of this information and you find that there is nothing holding you back from the healing miracle you seek on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. What that means is that a healing miracle potential has already been programmed into every person-literally in your DNA. You don’t have to do anything to get it, it was a gift at birth, you only have to activate it. Every cell in the body will heal automatically if nothing inhibits that process. According to medical science, the human body completely renews itself every 7 years! The cornea replaces itself every 24 hours, the skin every 14 days, the blood cells every 90 days, the soft tissue every 6 months, and the dense tissue every 2-7 years. If the body can regenerate itself, why are we sick, in pain and dying of disease? There is never an excuse for illness, only a lack of understanding how to achieve our true potential.

We all know diet, lifestyle and supplements are of benefit, but can physical items achieve a state of health that studies have shown to be achievable with nothing more than a state of mind? This book discusses human electromagnetics, or the energy fields of the human body and the potential, or better said, the right, we have all been given in the order of Creation. The following pages will help you to understand the human organism and much of reality itself in view of electromagnetics. Once this is understood and you realize that all physiology (chemical reactions in the body) are contingent to the electromagnetic information that creates those chemical reactions, you will see that true health, on the physical, emotional or spiritual level, are only achieved by removal of the electromagnetic blockages that interfere with the perfect health program we were all born with. Learn what it takes to increase the attributes of our more spiritual elements so that carbon, or the manifestation of our physical body, has no choice but to become whole again. There is no incurable illness!

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