What is Total Body Analysis (TBA)?

The only reason that any health condition arises is because some action or function in the body stops working optimally. Whether it is a migraine, diabetes, menstrual pain, constipation, arthritis, cancer or (insert your issue here), they are all manifestations of some action or function which no longer works the way it was designed to. It IS NOT from a lack of medication! You need to ask why that cell or function is not working properly. Don’t cover it up or cut it out, fix it! 

The Total Body Analysis (TBA) system takes a very different approach to health and healing. TBA is more than another natural therapy or modality, it is a system born out of the need to actually help people Get Well. Many people are looking for alternative answers today, but there are so many options. New techniques and therapies are being introduced all the time. Some incorporate nutritional (diet, lifestyle & supplements), some are designed to initiate internal healing through external stimulation (acupuncture, chiropractic, reflexology) and there are many programs designed to cleanse the body or produce some form of detoxification.

All of these approaches can produce results on their level, but are they addressing the cause and bring the body to a place where it will truly heal? Rather than using a specific technique or therapy, TBA focuses on identifying and correcting the cause of the problem. So our specialty is not a certain set of symptoms or some disease. Because we have the ability to find the cause, it does not matter what the disease, complaint or illness is. When you identify and correct the cause, the body will have the ability to self-heal. That ability is such a beautiful miracle! 

Many people and therapies incorporate the concept that they are addressing the “root cause.” When we use that term, we are trying to find what the reason for the ‘lack of current expression’ as described in New Concept of Healing. There are many therapies and techniques that can bring natural symptom relief, and we are all for using them! But if the goal is to identify and correct the cause, then we must find the reason that current was interrupted and vibrant health is no longer being expressed. We are all born with the miracle of healing, it is a sacred gift placed in the DNA of every living thing. But that potential is of no use unless we learn how to activate it by eliminating those factors that hinder our God given miracle.


How Is TBA Able To Find The Cause?

TBA uses a very advanced form of kinesiology. There are three main things a TBA practitioner is trained to find. When these are identified and corrected, healing is automatic. Through a precise protocol, a trained practitioner is able to find:


  1. The exact body cells or functions that need attention.
  2. The exact reason or reasons those body functions are not working optimally. These might include a certain nutritional deficiency, an old injury, another system that is not doing its job well, an emotional component, a previous vaccination, perhaps a virus, bacteria, parasite, an inherited trait from the parents, emotional origins, etc.
  3. The nutritional elements needed for any particular health issue. The body requires various forms of elements, commonly known as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids, etc., as the fuel to accomplish the task of healing. Any of these elements that have become dormant for lack of current can be identified, as well as the reason the current became deficient.

TBA is arguably the most advanced health assessment tool available. Not only because it allows the practitioner to find the various aspects inhibiting optimum health and healing, but it allows the practitioner to make a custom remedy of those EXACT issues identified, on the spot!



Also Able To Correct The Cause of The Problem!

If identification (Dia-Gnosis) of an issue is not impressive by itself, imagine the ability to make a homeopathic-style remedy, custom to the exact needs and causes of the individual health condition. The remedy is a Quantum signature complex, but for the sake of understanding, it is much like a homeopathic remedy. This Quantum remedy contains signatures that will turn the ‘current’ back on so that the body can begin to heal on all cylinders, if you will. Imagine the ability to create custom remedies for the exact problem or complaint, for each individual.

Did I mention the results? Obviously the best result is that people get well. In the majority of cases, a client simply has to take the custom remedy provided by the TBA practitioner, and nothing else. For those who enjoy the more scientific perspective, we can take a new client, and check a drop of their blood under a microscope. Live Blood Cell Analysis reveals just how the blood cells look in terms of healthy or unhealthy. We can do our TBA evaluation, give the person a dose of the remedy (orally in the mouth), and retake a sample of blood. Within 30 seconds, the blood sample will appear completely different. So results are quite fast, and even visible under live blood cell analysis. It also proves that chemistry is a result of, or secondary to, energy components because there is nothing in the TBA remedy but energy signatures, and yet the body chemistry shows visible changes that quickly.

Who Is TBA For?

Anyone who wants to get well or wants to help others get well. TBA works equally effective on humans and animals. Whether you are a successful practitioner in a different modality, an inquisitive parent desiring to care for your family or someone who needs answers to health challenges, the TBA system will give you information you would never be able to attain unless the body itself could speak! Perhaps you would like to be a medical missionary but have no money for medicines? After the initial investment of the TBA system, remedies (medicine) can be created basically free of charge.

  • No former medical training needed.
  • The system is portable enough to fit in carry-on luggage (travel, house calls, missionary work).
  • The system can operate off of rechargeable battery, so does not require electricity, so works anywhere in the world.