Common Questions & Answers

QUESTION 1: If I follow the protocols listed on this site, am I really going to feel better? It seems too simple and it seems strange that I didn’t “go see the doctor.”
ANSWER: If all the people that got well before now on this program are any indication, we feel very confident that you will achieve excellent results. Pease follow the 1, 2, 3 steps advised at the Symptom/Condition page. We anticipated we would help a lot of people, but the results we have achieved are simply spectacular!

QUESTION 2: No matter what alternative health expert I learn from, everyone says diet is a fundamental part of being healthy and feeling better. But I don’t like healthy foods, how healthy do I really have to eat to feel better?
ANSWER: The short answer is that you can achieve results with the protocols I have listed on this site … I have been helping people for almost 3 decades that did not change their diet and lifestyle. If you are looking for Symptom Control, we can probably help you with little change on your part. The changes in your diet and lifestyle are a personal investment a person should make for better short term results, but most certainly for long term health. What you invest in diet and lifestyle now will reward you now and later in life. If you keep living an unhealthy lifestyle, you will simply need more and more help as you get older and eventually you will have a major disease to deal with. At that point, you will have to make dramatic changes in diet and lifestyle. So why wait for a major health issue? Start making better choices today!

QUESTION 3: Every article I read about Natural health and healing mentions some sort of vitamin, mineral or supplement I need to consider taking if I want to see results. Your protocols don’t seem to suggest lots of supplements. I love that it seems to save me money and I would prefer not to take handfuls of pills, but if ‘everyone’ is saying it, how are you achieving results without all these supplements?
ANSWER: That is a great question. It is true that my way of helping people is not the same as most of what you read. Most people see health issues as byproducts of deficiency, like the body just “ran out” of it. What I found over the years is that the body never runs out of anything it needs, it simply loses the ability to use that element. Please review these 4 pages for further explanation.