Introduction To Testing Kits

The testing kits were born out of a desperate need to help sick people get well. In the past, Test Kits were samples of product that a Practitioner would use to ‘test’ against the client with a form of muscle testing or kinesiology to identify if the products was positive or negative for the client. Many companies would supply a Kit with samples of all their products so a Practitioner using kinesiology would not have to carry an entire product line in the office, but still be able to test clients for product effectiveness. 

When Dr. DeHaan discovered the “New Concept in Healing,” he basically found that if a person was supplied with the electromagnetic version of a nutrient, the person would respond and heal just as if they had taken that Nutrition in its chemical form (supplement). What this meant is that people could achieve the same results in healing without having to purchase hundreds of dollars of supplements. This concept has proven its effectiveness for close to three decades now. Those practitioners who make much of their income selling product do not like this system very well because it allows for loss of revenue (no product sales). The client however, can save practically 100% of the money that would have been spent purchasing supplements. Furthermore, there are not a bunch of pills to swallow each day. As you might imagine, clients love saving money and not taking pills!

The Test Kits listed on this site are the various ones created to achieve what is known as TBA, or Total Body Analysis. These Test Kits are not samples of a product that is intended for purchase, they are samples of the electromagnetic version of whatever is listed on the label. When used along with the Remedy Maker, these samples can be used not only in the evaluation process (testing) but also so make a duplicate remedy of the item and administer it to achieve healing, detox, or whatever the desire may be.

You may use the Test Kits in any way you desire. You can NOT harm anyone in any way with these Test Kits. If you can find a way to implement them into a healing style or modality you currently use, we welcome you to do so. We do however have the TBA method, which is arguably the most effective way to use the Test Kits. Please refer to Using The Kits Properly for additional information.