Practitioner's Manual

The ultimate book of cheat sheets

Think of the Practitioner’s Manual as the ultimate Cheat Sheet system. It is said that the genius is not one who knows everything, but the one who knows where to find everything.

It contains the following sections:


Bach Flower Descriptions and Emotional Healing: Using the original Bach Flowers is a very important part of the TBA Program. Emotional healing is also needed, so we have placed almost 1000 negative emotional patterns and very effective positive affirmations that can be custom designed for each person to help dissolve old, negative emotional hurts or patterns.

Acu-Balancing Charts and Points: Every major acupuncture point has been listed along the meridian it belongs with as well as a brief description of what internal function that point has been documented to influence. This section is used to help identify external complaints as each point corresponds to some internal function. Knowing the correspondence allows the practitioner to use TBA more effectively. This section is used in part of the Reset protocol and this section contains all the main Chinese Five Element correlations, i.e. meridian pairing, time of organ activity, etc.


Charts indicating Physiology reference: This section includes a chart of the face, hands, feet, ears and various other parts of the body and what area of the body that might correlate to that area. A specific tooth chart has been included which tells you the governing organ and reflective muscles for each tooth.


Nutritional Additions To TBA: This is a section that includes all the herbs or nutrients a specific system might need in addition to your TBA remedies. If a system needs extra support, which is often evident if a complaint is not correcting in a timely manner, you can test the nutritional (herbal) options for that system and see which one that person might need. This section was created so the practitioner does not have to be a master herbalist.

The manual also contains the charts of Muscle Testing to help you remember how to do a particular Muscle Test should you need it to evaluate the strength of an organ or use it to confirm your TBA remedy. We have included a photo with the anatomical location of each muscle.

The Practitioner’s Manual comes with enough empty space so that you can print the descriptions of the various TBA test kits and include them in your manual. If this manual is going to be your go-to as the ultimate cheat sheet, then you will want the description of the various TBA test kits in there. These can be found in PDF format on each of the different test kit pages.