The Remedy Maker

There are two main functions for the remedy maker. The first is to make remedies of the TBA vials as you will learn throughout this web site and in your TBA training. This includes making remedies with the Symptom Kit vials, as can be seen in the videos found on the Symptom Kit page.

The second use for the remedy maker is of extreme benefit no matter if you have any TBA kits or knowledge of health at all. This machine is capable of doing so many helpful things that every household should have one, no exceptions.

Many of the items we come into contact with every day are toxic to the human body. Any commercially bought food we eat is toxic, most beverages are toxic (including most water), the air we breathe is toxic, all drugs and medications are toxic, and the list goes on. These toxins accumulate in the tissues of the body and eventually create pain, sickness and disease. The remedy maker allows you to make a homeopathic, or an antidote, of any item that you are allergic to or suspect is causing you harm. These include, but are not limited to: foods, medications, perfume, cigarettes, pollens, cat hair, or any substance you desire. (As of yet, we have not been successful in using it to make antidotes to spouses, or neighbors you may not like.)

The remedy maker also comes with a probe that allows you to make a homeopathic remedy of any substance it touches (for dirty or hard to reach items you don’t want to place on your machine). While you can use the remedy maker to make an antidote of anything you desire, you should consider having the Symptom kit in addition to your remedy maker. The two combined give you a homeopathic pharmacy at home that is 100% safe.

Detailed Steps to Making A Remedy

  1. Push the power button to turn the machine on. Make sure no vials or remedies are on the Output side of the machine when you turn it on.
  2. There are two squares on your Remedy Maker, one says Input and one says Output. The item you wish to make a homeopathic remedy of (or TBA vials) will always go on the Input Area with the globe.
  3. Your base solution, or that which you are going to make your remedy into, goes in the output square, the side with the remedy bottle on it. Never get these “input/output” areas mixed up. Putting a TBA Vial on the Output area will erase it.
  4. The next thing to do is choose whether you want to “Copy” or “Make”. (For those of you with older machines, the “Make” button is the same as the “Boost” button). MAKE is used whenever you are making an antidote from a substance. That would include food, a drink, a bug, pollen, medicine, a cigarette, urine, blood, etc. COPY is used when you are making a remedy from a vial, either the Symptom kit or any TBA vial.
  5. Place the substance or vial(s) you want to make a remedy of on the Input Area. Now place a glass of water or remedy bottle with a mother solution (whatever you are going to make your remedy into) on the “Output” plate and you are ready to create your remedy; push either Copy or Make.
  6. The Continuous button is used when you want the machine to continue sending the frequency to the output plate. This feature is only used if you want the machine to send the remedy or item from the Input plate out through the AcuLight.


Additional Features Of The Remedy Maker

You can make a remedy of anything in your imagination; the possibilities are endless. You should consider making a remedy of any item or substance that seems reactive to the body: pollen, a bee that stung you, a chemical that you are exposed to and breaks your skin out, anything! Before you know it, you can have an antidote of whatever item you decided to use.

The Neutralization Effect

There is a CLEAR button on the bottom right of the machine. When you push it, you will notice a light comes on in the “output area”. While the light is on, it is neutralizing any harmful agents that might have been in the solution, bottle or item you placed on the “output” area. Anything that is on the output area when you push the CLEAR button will be cleared or neutralized of any energy signatures that might have been there. This is why you NEVER put your Symptom Kit vials or TBA vials on that output side. You can put your coffee or soda can on there before you drink it to neutralize the energetic particles of the substance since most of it is harmful to the body anyway. This process does not make it good for you; it just makes it less harmful. I generally suggest you clear the water or substance you plan to make your homeopathic remedies into so you know you are starting with a neutral base. That means that before you make your remedy with either the COPY or MAKE optoin, use the CLEAR feature first. Once you are done clearing (the light goes off in about 15 seconds) push either the COPY or MAKE and when the input and output lights go off, your remedy is made and ready.

Potency Of Remedy

The Remedy Maker automatically makes every remedy as a homeopathic isocord, which means it is multiple potencies of 4x, 8x, 32x, 200x. There is no way to regulate the potencies, they are automatic. Years of experience have shown these to be the most common potencies needed by the body, so they have been programmed into the machine. If you need something stronger than 200x, which is strong enough to influence DNA, than you are probably trying to fix your issue with the wrong remedy. You should not need anything stronger than a 200x if you are using the right antidote.


When making TBA remedies, it is most effective to succuss (strike) the remedy against your hand or a large book about 50 times. When homeopathic medicine began, remedies were thumped against a large Bible. The action of succussion will help to increase the potency of the remedy and blend the data fields (frequencies) evenly into the molecules of the solution you are using. This is only essential when you first make the remedy; it does not have to be done each time it is taken, although it wouldn’t hurt if you wanted to do this. If you are making your remedy into a glass of water or some other container that is difficult to thump, you can either disregard succussion, or gently thump / tap the outside of the glass / container to generate internal waves.

Copy vs. Make

Remedies you make out of TBA vials are generally copied unless they do not test high POS and there is a Classical vial, then they are Boosted as well. You will not understand this if you are not a TBA student. The Copy feature is primarily used if you want to make a duplicate of a vial or remedy you already have. Boost is when you want to make an antidote out of a substance, like toxins, poisons, saliva sample, urine, blood, an ant bite (using the probe), etc.

Best Solution To Make The Remedy Into

Technically, the answer is no. Frequencies can be placed into any object or item. If you aren’t worried about making a remedy that needs to last for a while, you can make it in plain water. If the remedy is for personal use, or a family member, get a glass from the kitchen, fill it half full of water and make your remedy into it. Drink it down and repeat this as often as you desire. Better yet, make the remedy into the large water bottle you will be using all day. That way you are getting the remedy every time you take a drink. If you know you will be needing a remedy to take on a trip, maybe to send to your children at college, there is a way to make remedies that hold their potency for longer. Remedies can hold their potency, which is basically an electromagnetic wavelength, if they are placed in a solution with a healthy oxygen content, and organic minerals. Oxygen helps to retain the information in the molecules of water. Do not apply oxygen drops as can be purchased, they do not work.

Remember I said you can make a remedy into any object or item. It does not have to be liquid. You can make a remedy from one cigarette and make it into the rest of the pack so that you get the remedy every time you smoke one. You should make a remedy from one of your pain pills, or one of your medications, but make the remedy into the rest of the med’s. That way every time you take one, you are also taking the antidote.

Remedies from Body Fluids

If a person has any kind of blood disease or you suspect the blood to be holding any kind of toxin, you can prick the finger and make a remedy of the blood drop that emerges. The machine will make an antidote of any toxin in the blood that should not be there. Blood remedies are great for the liver, circulation, heart, and most of the endocrine glands. A urine sample (first morning urine is best) can be used to help remedy issues of the kidneys-bladder. A remedy made from Saliva will make a wonderful antidote that will be of benefit to the upper digestion, lymphatic system and the fluid that surrounds the joints, spine and brain. You can make an antidote from a sample of feces to help antidote issues in the intestine, especially the large intestine. (You may want to use the probe in this case.) You can’t hurt anyone with any of these remedies, so play around with it. You might make a remedy of each and take each of them every day at a different time. Necessity is the mother of invention right?

Using The Probe

The Remedy Maker comes with a probe, which is a black cord that plugs into the jack labeled “input”. When plugged in, this cord will act as an extension of the input area. If you get a rash on the back of your leg, it is hard to place that part of the body on the input plate of the machine, so you can use the probe to touch the rash. When you are touching the area or item you wish to remedy, simply push the MAKE button to begin making a remedy of it, just as you have for anything else. Just hold the probe on the desired area until the output light goes off. The only thing different will be that the signature is being created from what is coming through the probe rather than the input area. Unless you use both, which you can. The remedy, will be made from whatever the probe is touching and that which is on the input area. You can touch the probe tip on sores, rashes, push into the carpet, into chemical solutions, insert into samples or items you may not want touching your machine. Use your imagination! Just clean the tip metal part of the probe with rubbing alcohol when you are done so it is clean for the next use.


Complex homeopathics are not as effective in quantity ratios as they are in repetition. If you have an acute problem (have not had it long, it flared up in a hurry), you may need to take the remedy more often. Every fifteen minutes or even every minute can be very effective. Chronic issues tend to respond to one-half dropper 2 – 3 times each day in the mouth. It is most effective if taken several minutes away from any kind of food or drink. If taken too often on a chronic issue, you will not hurt the body, but you may initiate a healing crisis. All of the things you have heard about homeopathy, like the fact that you can’t use toothpaste, essential oils, etc, is not a problem as long as it is done one-half of an hour different from the time you take your remedies. A homeopathic absorbs into the body in a matter of seconds and minutes; what you do after that is not going to deactivate it.

Explaining The Remedies

People will invariably ask how in the world a remedy could really be in that bottle. The explanation that works most of the time is that the machine is copying the information in the vials, which are like radio frequencies, into the bottle. The machine uses the same technology a computer uses to copy a file from one disk to another. You can’t see the radio waves in the air, but the radio can sure pick them up as you tune the dial. As you take the remedy, your immune system responds to the signals in the remedy the same way a radio responds to the signals in the air. This scenario generally answers the questions.

Care Of Your Machine

Never place any item that might contaminate the machine or leave lingering residue on the machine. You can place questionable items in a baggie or on a piece of saran wrap. Metal and styrofoam do not conduct well, so they should not be used. Glass and plastic are the best. Anything that stays on the input plate will become part of your next remedy. You can clean the remedy maker with a damp cloth or use a little alcohol. Do not use any kind of soap or cleaner as they will leave residue on your machine. Too much moisture could damage the electronics, so be careful.