How To Use The TBA Test Kits

For a basic understanding of TBA, please click on “What is Total Body Analysis” on the left of the page. The following clips will give you a good idea of how TBA works. The Following videos are updates to the basic training you will get in DVD 01 and DVD 02. For expert understanding and Mastery of TBA, please visit our headquarters in Kings Mountain, North Carolina for an Internship.

The following clips are approximately 10 minutes each.

Part 1 of 4, basics, setup and use of test kits

NOTE: Primary is no longer part of TBA official protocol as of May 2014. You can see that video update if you click on “TBA Protocol Updates

Part 2 of 4, rating vials, basic protocols, tracking and TL (therapy localizing)

Part 3 of 4, incorporating the Practitioner's Manual

Part 4 of 4, incorporating Symptom Kit with TBA, Boosting (new machine is MAKE), Classical, Adding Bach, When to Add Supplements & misc

Additional Clip.

This clip was done at a different time but contains a quick recap as well as some additional information that was not included in the above clips

Written Instructions on Kit Use (PDF)

Questions And Answers About TBA

When testing the vials for a symptom, go from A&P that represents that system, to A&P category vials to see if another system needs support, to Classical. No DCA’s.

If a DCA in Master kit seems to come up often, like the body won’t clear it, I track that DCA back to Master kit to see if it is symbiotic with another DCA, track them all to A&P, than to Classical. IF that does not work, track the DCA to ABC, which means it is a mutated version.

Sometimes I use vials from the symptom kit as a pointer vial. Let’s say a person comes in complaining about a cough. You are supposed to pick up the Lungs (#16) vials, rate them on the challenge scale, then track back to A&P categories to see if there is another system stressing out the Lungs. From there you track it all to Classical. But you have done this and the person still has the cough, or you have an issue you don’t know where to start from, and there is a vial for that in the Symptom kit … so pick up the vial you want from the symptom kit, in this case we are using one of the cough vials. Track that to Classical and you get another perspective of what the body needs.

Track ‘S’ vials and ‘E’ vials to the Bach Flowers. You may not know what the emotional issue is, but I generally ask if they are aware of any [describe whatever the vial references] just to get their brain awareness on it. The majority of the time people don’t know, but later tel me that as they took the remedy it came to them.

Always track a Bach Flower to Classical, so the body will add the Constitutional support related to the emotion associated with the Bach.

Always track ABC to Classical, so the body will add the Constitutional support related to the mutated germ or toxin associated with the ABC vial. The greatest remedy in the world is the body’s own miraculous ability to heal itself, just have to find out how to ask it correctly.

Bach Flowers and Boost. Since the introduction of the Classical kit, after a remedy is made, I test it against the POS and NEG vial in Master kit. I am looking for it to test high POS, so 10 on the challenge scale. If it is not high and there is a Classical in the remedy, I boost the remedy. This allows for the stronger potencies of the vial to be initiated. Hit the start button on the remedy maker and when it is done, recheck against the POS vial again. If still not strong, THEN I test the remedy against the Bach set and actually add about 6 drops of the remedy. If the remedy included a Bach in it already, I still follow that protocol. If at the end it does not test POS, then you need to actually add the Bach.

Whenever MAL comes up in Master, test it on the challenge scale (0-10). The higher the number, the faster the body is making these cancer cells. I find low numbers on more than half the people I see, but that is why we have a General protocol, to find these things. I always make a category on the sheet for MAL if it comes up, then track it to the Master kit to find out what the toxic factor is causing this activity. If nothing in Master, go to Bach, it may be an emotional thing, or to ABC, may be an environmental toxin (chemtrails?). You will also notice +30 on your evaluation sheet after the MAL slot. That is so that you will pick up MAL and test it with 30, which tells you if there is simply malignant activity, or there is actually a growth that is cancerous. How bad the growth is depends on the 0-10 scale. Most of the time I find that if it is a 3 or less, medicine won’t find it. If a person is diagnosed with cancer, or you find MAL and 30, make sure you have them measuring first morning pH, urine and saliva. Cancer cannot grow if the body is alkaline, which is 7.2 or higher. They are to report 5 consecutive days of pH numbers to me and how acid depends how strict the diet gets (basically the raw food diet for most, easily found at so you don’t have to reproduce it.