Master Test Kit

HCMI promotes that there is no incurable disease because there is always a cause. People tend to focus on symptom relief, and that may be a priority in cases of great discomfort. But we need to understand that there is always a cause behind the symptom. Every symptom or disease is the result of imbalance and the greatest amount of that imbalance is generally caused by one or more toxins that have accumulated in the body. These toxins accumulate and irritate the tissues of the body until pain, symptoms or disease manifest. This includes emotional and psychological disorders. Medical institutions don’t teach this, but the body has a marvelous ability to heal and recuperate even the worst of conditions if the right tools are supplied. The key to healing is to eliminate the cause of the problem so the body can regain strength and heal itself. While most practitioners are trying to correct the imbalances in the body, HCMI brings you the Master Kit to help you solve the issue of “why” the imbalance is there to begin with.

The Master Kit contains a sample vial of every toxin that might be the cause or primary contributor to the pain, symptom or disease you have.

Master Kit Contents (PDF)


Things You Can Do With The Master Kit (Advanced Users)

The Master Kit contains a sample of everything that could be the cause of the problem. Categories of all toxins can be found in this kit. You will need the rest of the kits in the Base Set (A&P Kit and The Nutrition Kits) to complete the process of testing if you wish to make perfect custom remedies with the remedy maker. The following descriptions/directions include tracking

  1. DCA’s (we refer to toxins as Disease Causing Agents) will frequently co-exist with other toxins. For example, most alternative health professionals believe a fungus called Candida Albicans to be a cause of many symptoms. The clients are placed of very restrictive diets, which itself creates a lot of stress for most people. Candida is one of the many toxins that are opportunistic. That means that it only lives in the presence of an environment that is conducive to its growth. Candida does not create its own environment, it only uses the present environment. Parasites, bacteria and viruses can live and produce waste products that create the perfect environment for Candida to grow. If you don’t have a system that can help you identify the true cause, you can chase your symptoms for years and never resolve the real problem. The Master Kit allows you to identify any toxins that might be causing or contributing to the toxin in question. If a Virus tests strong for someone and you track it back to the Injection vial, you have just discovered that the virus probably came from a vaccine. This is important because the body tends to record the trauma of the vaccine with the memory of the virus. You can’t fully correct one without the other.
    Remedy: Master[DCA] > Master[DCA] > A&P[categories] > A&P[subcategories] > Nutrition.
  2. You can also Track any of the Master Vials to the Allergy vials (currently in The Nutrition kits). This will give you two pieces of information. The body tends to record all aspects of what happened in a given scenario. If you eat a meal that contains a bacteria, the body records the bacteria and the food it came in. If you find a person tests for a bacteria, you can track it to the allergy vials (which contains categories of all foods). If the bacteria tests with one of those vials, it probably means that that food was contaminated with the bacteria. Let’s say chicken is what the bacteria tracks to. In the scenario I am presenting, you can determine that the person ate some chicken which contained that bacteria. Secondarily, if the body records chicken and bacteria together, it has this memory that chicken poses a slight threat. The body remembers that chicken equals bacteria. There is a good chance that every time you eat chicken from then on the body is going into an alert mode because it remains with this memory of chicken and bacteria. You must fix both of these issues to correct the problem. People who do allergy testing may find Chicken as an allergy, but when you see how the body records information, you begin to understand that treating the allergy or avoiding chicken really isn’t solving the problem. It is generally wise to avoid chicken while you are correcting the body and working to eliminate the bacteria just so you aren’t putting the body in a state of stress and alert while trying to repair it. Imagine trying to relax for a massage and getting the hair waxed off of your legs at the same time
    Remedy: Allergy > Master[DCA] > A&P[categories] > A&P[subcategories] > Nutrition.
  3. Track any DCA vial from the Master kit to the A&P category vials to see what systems and exact functions within those systems are being negatively affected by the toxin in question.
    Remedy: Master[DCA] > A&P[categories] > A&P[subcategories] > Nutrition