Classical Kit

In order to understand the Classical kit, let’s talk about what a Constitution is. A Constitution is a term that comes from classical (traditional) homeopathy. Combine your personality, characteristics, traits, physical build, emotional patterns, disease tendencies, and so forth, and you can determine what your constitution is. In classical homeopathy, it takes hours of talking and ‘case taking’ to figure this out. Classical homeopathy teaches that we all have a primary constitution, and if you identify it, you can take the remedy that supports your constitution to enhance your inherent strengths-your personal immune signature / your immune system, if you will. Traditionally there are about 36 homeopathic constitutions (described in the contents link below). The current accepted constitutions were established almost 200 years ago. The change in toxic factors, wars, intercontinental marriage, import / export, and many other factors have changed the genetic response to the original constitutions. What this all means is there humanity no longer fits into the original 36, if indeed there were only 36 to start with.

Contents of the Classical Kit (PDF)

In addition, decades of practice have shown us that we all have every constitution intertwined with the auric layers of our electromagnetic field. These layers are found in different orders around the body. Every person has all of them, but the order they are in determines our uniqueness. Each system of the body portrays different attributes of a constitution, thus you must test each person to find out what one they need for the issue you want corrected. In essence, you are determining which part of their energetic field is connected to the health condition being tested. Well, if you do it the TBA way.

Things You Can Do With The Classical Kit

The Classical kit is the kit of choice for “jump starting” parts or functions of the body.

  1. The remedies made with the TBA kits are unique and effective for correcting the cause of the problem, but sometimes there are many layers that need correction for the true cause of the problem to be resolved. Essentially, TBA is working to remove the toxins that have inhibited the normal, healthy expression of cells. The classical remedies give the ability to jump start progress, if you will, by initiating an immune boost to the cells in question without compromising the end result of eliminating the cause. If you can make the cells in the body strong enough, which means make your immune system work for you, then the body should naturally eliminate any toxins that may be causing trouble. In theory, this is a wonderful idea, but it does not work with absolute consistency. It should, and I believe it used to many decades ago, but the body is now exposed to more than 100,000 man-made toxins which it was never intended to counteract.

    Remedy: Any TBA (DCA, A&P or Nutrition) > Classical

  2. History has proven that homeopathic medicine is the single most effective way of treating plagues and pandemics. Most experts agree that it is not a matter of IF, but WHEN the global population will face catastrophic illness of one form or another. The Classical kit includes the remedies that may be needed to help antidote the kinds of issues that have been part of the previous pandemics (smallpox, plague, bubonic, influenza, etc. as discussed in the book Poison’s That Heal, by Dr. Eileen Nauman.) as well as the current mutations when combined with the ABC kit.

    Remedy: Classical > Master; or Classical > ABC

  3. A miasm is traditionally described as a block to health left by a previous disease some where in the ancestral line. Book 01, The Foundation, by Dr. DeHaan discusses the fact that if illness is allowed to continue in the body, it eventually accumulates around the cells as something called junk DNA. The conclusion is that every cell in the human body contains the memory of perfect health but accumulated junk DNA keeps the cells from reproducing new, healthy cells because of interfering information. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathic medicine understood some of this back in the 1800’s even though the evidence of junk DNA was not discovered until recent years. It is not hard to believe that we can only be the sum of what each of our parents had to offer in terms of genetics, so it should not be hard to believe that we all have junk DNA accumulated in our body from years and generations of unhealthy living and unresolved emotions. We teach that any inherited toxin that interferes with healthy cellular expression is a miasm. This cannot be limited to the traditional miasms.