How YOU Can Get Well At home!

Each of the Symptom/Disease pages on this site have a recommended Detox Remedy. Dr. DeHaan's research and 20 years of clinical experience taught him that it was absolutely imperative to identify and eliminate the toxins from the body. Toxins accumulate and are the primary reason cells stop doing their normal functions. When cells no longer function properly, tissues become diseased and organs stop working the way they should. The most important part of achieving wellness and curing disease is the Detox!

If you suspect a specific toxin in your body, find it among the Detox options and take it. Perhaps chemical or metal toxic exposure at your job? Recurrent Staph or Strep infection? Maybe you had Pneumonia or Food Poisoning once and you have never been the same since? That is the first thing you need to Detox.

You cannot harm yourself in any way by taking the wrong Detox Remedy.

Remember, Detox is THE KEY to Getting Well and Stay Well.

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Detoxification of Salmonella toxins

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Heal and regenerate any skin issue.

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Help that itch, burn, rash, infection.