Workshop 01

Learn Kinesiology, Self Testing, Face Reading and even how to trust basic Intuition. This 4-DVD series is from a previously recorded Workshop that explains the fundamental concepts of health and wellness. The regenerative properties of our cells indicate there is never an excuse for illness, only a lack of understanding how to achieve wellness. No matter if your interest is preventing disease, correcting disease, achieving wellness, or trying to gain a sense of well being, the first workshop is equally helpful for those who do not have experience in the alternative health field and those who have extensive experience. Our topics are very unique:

  • Learn how illness and disease begin in the body and what it takes to achieve complete healing through the 5-step, Get Well, Stay Well Program. Find answers to the balance of a healthy life. Do you have to be vegetarian? Can you eat your favorite foods? Are all the health tips you read in magazines true? Everybody seems to need supplements, and every company claims to be the best; how do you find out which is the best?
  • There are so many opinions over what foods or diets are healthiest, or what supplements are best (because every company believes they have the best one!). Who do you believe? It is your body, ultimately you are responsible for what you put in it. We invite you to learn a method that will tell you exactly how your own body might be responding to foods, supplements, allergies, or anything you want! Test your toiletries, see if that make-up or soap you use is really good for you or not. Learning the art of kinesiology allows you to access all this and more. Learn how to do point testing to find nutritional weaknesses you may have, or find out if one of your body systems needs help. Advance into several forms of self testing, which you will need in order to practice TBA efficiently. If done properly, kinesiology has the potential of being the most accurate form of diagnosis in existence.
  • Learn to identify potential weaknesses you might have by looking at the way the face is built and the representation of wrinkles and blemishes (basic face reading).
  • Learn the “self testing” approach to kinesiology and gain the ability to test the positive or negative effect of foods, supplements and allergens on yourself, friends, family, patients or pets

Workshop 02

This 4-DVD series brings the complex perspectives of quantum physics into an understandable concept that allows us to embrace the true purpose and potential of the human existence. We were created for so much more than we ever imagined, but life as we have known it to date has been part of what keeps us from reaching our potentials. To understand these things is to unlock keys that can achieve perfect health on the deepest levels. Discover the unharnessed power within you! If you do not, you may be harming yourself by allowing it to remain unknown. This workshop is a basis for understanding the concept of Book 04, which is all about understanding the electromagnetic spectrum of all living things.