Online Consulting

You can throw handfuls of supplements, remedies and natural therapies at an issue, and it may help some or even a lot! You are welcome to do that, but we offer help in figuring out the WHY of the problem and solutions customized to addressing it from that point of view.

Something like a blood test can let us know about chemistry markers in our body, but every cell in your body emits a vibration with all the information about that cell. This is called the IDF, or Information Data Field. Dr.D is able to connect with your IDF and interpret the information to help decipher the WHY. Perhaps it is a nutritional issue, but maybe a germ or infection like lyme disease? Perhaps a toxin like glyphosate has accumulated in your system. Whatever it is, he will share his finding with you and give you suggestions on how to begin the process of healing. This can all be done over a facetime app, from the comfort of your home.

A consultation typically takes 20 minutes. Seeing and speaking with you for a moment helps Dr.D connect with your IDF no matter where you are. Your consultation includes a 2oz remedy created custom to address the exact issues identified in the consultation. Your remedy is much like a homeopathic.

Consultation Fee: $150

We have two forms you will need to fill out with two signatures required prior to our consultation time. These can be emailed to you. While we are able to do a consultation with you from anywhere in the world for the evaluation process, shipping the remedy becomes very challenging outside of the US.

HOW can this be done remotely?

Essentially think of it as a wireless connection. Your phone can talk to someone else without a wire connected, right? Your phone can even send an image to a printer, again, without an wire connection. And the phone was designed by a human, and we should have much greater potential than some man made gadget, should we not? You know all living things put off a vibration, a frequency .. let’s use a lie detector test. It is testing for the vibrations that change in your body when you are in a state of not telling truth. A blood test can’t show it, but your energy field can. So when you hold an herb and test it, its like being wired, but the same vibration is happening when you introduce the thought process alone, which means distance makes no difference. Bible – if you even thought it in your heart, its like doing it .. so the vibration is equal to your body whether it is a thought or you actually touched the item, right? So advanced kinesiology is the testing of vibrational fields, which can change via intention and thought processes. This has been proven in quantum physics, where particles literally changed their actions when thought processes were applied to them.