The Foundation

Book 1 - The Foundation

It cannot be argued that the foods we eat and the lifestyle we lead will greatly enhance and prolong the results achieve with any Natural Health program. Nutrition, diet and lifestyle create the foundation to all lasting health and wellness.

If the truth were told, the cause of all pain, sickness and disease are in some way related to an imbalance in nutrition, diet and/or lifestyle. If wellness is to be achieved or maintained, certain foundational principles must be incorporated into each person's daily life. Book 01 goes into detailed explanation of all the foundational aspects required to achieve or maintain health. Book 01 also discusses many of the current diet programs explaining pros and cons of each and then summarizes what might be considered the "best" diet in light of the fact that it is not possible to achieve a perfect diet in our modern society.

What role do genes play in health and disease? What role do supplements play and which ones promote health while others actually contribute to the problem? All nutrition is not created equal! Is there any protocol that can get you well and keep you well? This and much more can be found in the pages of Book 01.

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