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We have created this website and all of the information and items contained within it to help you Get Well and Stay Well AT HOME. We are aware that the general mind set around the world now is to go see a doctor for health issues. But the medical system trains doctors to use drugs and surgery to control symptoms.   Those options do not offer healing, and they certainly are not healthy for your body. The body was created to heal, it's just a matter of knowing how to help that process. There is an alternative, completely natural and non-toxic way to gain relief and actually heal almost any health condition. Not suppress it with a medication, actually heal it! You will find the word 'sacred' throughout this site because the fact that we were all created with the miracle to self heal is truly, a sacred gift.
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Tricks for Common Complaints

Clear your stuffed nose!

Forget Sudafed. An easier, quicker, and cheaper way to relieve sinus pressure is by alternately thrusting your tongue against the roof of your mouth, then pressing between your eyebrows with one finger. This causes the vomer bone, which runs through the nasal passages to the mouth, to rock back and forth, says Lisa DeStefano, D.O., an assistant professor at the Michigan State University college of osteopathic medicine. The motion loosens congestion; after 20 seconds, you’ll feel your sinuses start to drain.

Cure your toothache without opening your mouth!

Just rub ice on the back of your hand, on the V-shaped webbed area between your thumb and index finger. A Canadian study found that this technique reduces toothache pain by as much as 50 percent compared with using no ice. The nerve pathways at the base of that V stimulate an area of the brain that blocks pain signals from the face and hands.

Make burns disappear!

When you accidentally singe your finger on the stove, clean the skin and apply light pressure with the finger pads of your unmarred hand. Ice will relieve your pain more quickly, Dr. DeStefano says, but since the natural method brings the burned skin back to a normal temperature, the skin is less likely to blister.

Unstitch your side!

If you’re like most people, when you run, you exhale as your right foot hits the ground. This puts downward pressure on your liver (which lives on your right side), which then tugs at the diaphragm and creates a side stitch, according to The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Men. The fix: Exhale as your left foot strikes the ground.

Stanch nose bleeds with a single finger!

Pinching your nose and leaning back is a great way to stop a nosebleed—if you don’t mind choking on your own O positive. A more civil approach: Put some cotton on your upper gums—just behind that small dent below your nose—and press against it, hard. “Most bleeds come from the front of the septum, the cartilage wall that divides the nose,” says Peter Desmarais, M.D., an ear, nose, and throat specialist at Entabeni Hospital, in Durban, South Africa. “Pressing here helps stop them.”

Make your heart stand still!

Trying to quell first-date jitters? Blow on your thumb. The vagus nerve, which governs heart rate, can be controlled through breathing, says Ben Abo, an emergency medical-services specialist at the University of Pittsburgh. It’ll get your heart rate back to normal.

Thaw your brain!

Too much Chipwich too fast will freeze the brains of lesser men. As for you, press your tongue flat against the roof of your mouth, covering as much as you can. “Since the nerves in the roof of your mouth get extremely cold, your body thinks your brain is freezing, too,” says Abo. “In compensating, it overheats, causing an ice-cream headache.” The more pressure you apply to the roof of your mouth, the faster your headache will subside.

Prevent near-sightedness!

Poor distance vision is rarely caused by genetics, says Anne Barber, O.D., an optometrist in Tacoma, Washington. “It’s usually caused by near-point stress.” In other words, staring at your computer screen for too long. So flex your way to 20/20 vision. Every few hours during the day, close your eyes, tense your body, take a deep breath, and, after a few seconds, release your breath and muscles at the same time. Tightening and releasing muscles such as the biceps and glutes can trick involuntary muscles – such as the eyes – into relaxing as well.

Wake dead limbs!

If your hand falls asleep while you’re driving or sitting in an odd position, rock your head from side to side. It’ll painlessly banish your pins and needles in less than a minute, says Dr. DeStefano. A tingly hand or arm is often the result of compression in the bundle of nerves in your neck; loosening your neck muscles releases the pressure. Compressed nerves lower in the body govern the feet, so don’t let your sleeping dogs lie. Stand up and walk around.

Breathe underwater!

If you’re dying to retrieve that quarter from the bottom of the pool, take several short breaths first – essentially, hyperventilate. When you’re underwater, it’s not a lack of oxygen that makes you desperate for a breath; it’s the buildup of carbon dioxide, which makes your blood acidic, which signals your brain that somethin’ ain’t right. “When you hyperventilate, the influx of oxygen lowers blood acidity,” says Jonathan Armbruster, Ph.D., an associate professor of biology at Auburn University. “This tricks your brain into thinking it has more oxygen.” It’ll buy you up to 10 seconds.

Read minds!

Your own! “If you’re giving a speech the next day, review it before falling asleep,” says Candi Heimgartner, an instructor of biological sciences at the University of Idaho. Since most memory consolidation happens during sleep, anything you read right before bed is more likely to be encoded as long-term memory.

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Baking Soda Cures

This section was copied from here >>. The flu, a cold, Influenza, any and all version of those need an acid environment to thrive or survive. That same acid condition is what allows cancer to finally form in the body as well. The following has shown absolute results not by fighting the flu but by alkalizing the body. This allows the body’s own miraculous potential to kick in with full force and cure you! Works every time …

  1. During the first day take six doses of half teaspoonful of Arm & Hammer Bicarbonate of Soda in glass of cool water, at about two hour intervals. Make sure it is aluminum free soda.
  2. During the second day take four doses of half teaspoonful of Arm and Hammer Bicarbonate of Soda in glass of cool water, at the same intervals.
  3. During the third day take two doses of half teaspoonful of Arm and Hammer Bicarbonate of Soda in glass of cool water morning and evening, and thereafter half teaspoonful in glass of cool water each morning until cold is cured.

In order to secure the best results with Arm & Hammer Pure Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda) when taken internally, certain simple rules must be observed. Materia Medica, pharmacology and Therapeutics (Bastedo, Page 88) clearly outlines these rules to follows:

  • “The effect of an alkali in the stomach will vary according to the nature of the stomach contents at the time of administration. In the resting period (after food is digested) sodium bicarbonate merely dissolves mucus and is absorbed as bicarbonate into the blood, to increase its alkalinity directly.
  • “In the digestive period it reduces the secretion of gastric juice, neutralizes a portion of the hydrochloric acid, liberates the carminative carbon dioxide gas, and is absorbed as sodium chloride.
  • “In cases of fermentation or ‘sour stomach’ it may neutralize the organic acids and so result in the opening of a spasmodically closed pylorus (the opening between the stomach and the small intestine); while at the same time it acts to overcome flatulency (accumulation of gas in the stomach and bowels).
  • “The time of administration must, therefore, be chosen with a definite purpose. Usually for hyperchlohydria (excess of acid) one hour or two hours after meals will be the period of harmful excess of acid.
  • “In continuous hyperacidity and in fermentative conditions a dose an hour before meals will tend to prepare the stomach for the next meal; or sometimes a dose will be necessary immediately after eating, because of abnormal acid or base having been present at the commencement of the meal. (For the average person one-half hour after meals is recommended).
  • “A dose at bedtime tends to check the early morning acidity, or a dose on arising cleans the stomach of acid and mucus before breakfast.”
  • Whenever taking a bicarbonate solution internally the soda should be dissolved on cold water.
  • This is all very valuable information coming from the horses own mouth, the Arm and Hammer Baking Soda Company, which sells aluminum free baking soda. Clearly they knew what they had in their hands one hundred years ago; and its long use in medicine sustains the companies published medical views:
  • “Besides doing good in respiratory affections, bicarbonate of soda is of inestimable value in the treatment of Alimentary Intoxication, Pyelitis (inflammation of the pelvis of the kidney), Hyper-Acidity of Urine, Uric Acid disturbances, Rheumatism and Burns. An occasional three-day course of Bicarbonate of Soda increases the alkalinity of the blood, assists elimination and increases the resisting power of the body to all Infectious Diseases.”
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Toxins in your food and supplements

In an article published in Natural News, the lead ‘investigative’ author, Mike Adams identifies what he believes are the 10 worst toxins that regularly appear in many Supplements, Vitamins, Herbs and Health Foods. His list includes:

1) Maltodextrin (from GM corn)

“Chances are very high that the maltodextrin in the products you buy are derived from Monsanto’s GM corn. Corn maltodextrin should be avoided unless it’s certified USDA organic.”

2) Vitamin C / ascorbic acid (from GM corn)

“Nearly all the “vitamin C” sold in vitamins across America right now is derived from GMO corn and made with a genetically modified form of vitamin C. It’s typically called “ascorbic acid,” and nearly 100% of the ascorbic acid used in the natural products industry is derived from GMOs.”

3) Hexane-extracted soy and rice proteins

“Nearly 100% of the “natural” soy proteins sold in the USA are extracted in China using a hexane extraction method. Hexane is a highly explosive, toxic, chemical.”

4) High levels of Aluminum in detox products

“Natural News helped expose high aluminum levels (over 1200ppm) in a popular detox liquid … but this is just one of many so-called “detox” products containing alarming levels of aluminum and other metals. Ingesting these in order to “detox” your body may be harmful to your health.”

He notes that it’s a case of, “ Buyer beware when it comes to metals in detox products that claim seemingly magical results.”

5) Lead and arsenic in herbs from China

“China is the most polluted nation on the planet, yet many fruits, vegetables and herbs are grown in China and exported to North America for use in natural products. High levels of lead and arsenic are routinely found in various food, supplement and herbal products from China. “

6) Inorganic minerals in cheap vitamins

“The majority of people don’t know that most of the cheap vitamins sold today are made with iron filings. “Scrap metal,” almost. The calcium found in cheap vitamins is often just ground-up seashells, and magnesium is often sold as cheap magnesium oxide which may be completely useless to your body’s cells. If you’re buying mineral supplements, you may be wasting your money unless the minerals are in the right form: Magnesium orotate or malate, for example.”

7) Carrageenan?

“The Cornucopia Institute, a highly-effective food activism group, recently published a warning about carrageenan in foods. Cornucopia says carrageenan is linked to “gastrointestinal inflammation, including higher rates of colon cancer, in laboratory animals. Given its effect on gastrointestinal inflammation, Cornucopia urges anyone suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms (irritable bowel syndrome/IBS, spastic colon, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic diarrhea, etc.) to consider completely eliminating carrageenan from the diet to determine if carrageenan was a factor in causing the symptoms.”

8) Acrylamides

“Acrylamides are cancer-causing chemicals produced during the cooking of carbohydrates. Fried snack chips, for example, contain acrylamides. They don’t have to be listed on labels because they are technically not “ingredients.” They are chemicals produced during cooking or frying. Consuming acrylamides increases kidney cancer risk by 59%.

9) Hidden MSG / yeast extract

“Hidden MSG is a huge issue across the natural products industry. Pick up almost any veggie burger, and you’ll find it’s made with yeast extract, a hidden form of MSG (monosodium glutamate).”

10) Fluoride in green tea

“Green tea is famous for being contaminated with high levels of fluoride. This is frustrating, because green tea is phenomenally good for your health. The tea plant that produces green tea just happens to uptake a huge amount of fluoride from the soils. So when there’s fluoride present in those soils, the green tea will have a surprisingly high concentration.


Coronavirus 2020

UPDATED March 12, 2020.
Dr. Francis Boyle, the man that literally drafted the Biological Weapons Act, has gone on record stating that this Coronavirus strain is a Biological Warfare Weapon. As it stands currently, it will have a world wide impact greater than any threat we have faced to date other than the Spanish Flu of 1918. While I do not trust the media, there is a real threat here that breeds real attention. Its main target is people who are already immuno compromised to some degree. While that may not be you directly, how many of us do not have family who are elderly or immune weakened? And if you are a healthy individual, it can still make you miserably sick! So please absorb and share the following information.

There are natural things that should take care of this threat if it visits your home or your loved ones. To answer the many questions I am getting about what to do, here is what I am doing for my family. I am not making a claim here, just sharing what I will personally do. Please keep in mind that this virus was designed to get you sick by creating a Cytokine storm (immune overreaction in the lungs causing infection), and becomes life threatening if enough mitochondria die. The following information is a protocol. To be effective, you MUST use all three products!

PREVENTION: Obviously prevention is better than treatment. Please keep in mind that using commercial disinfectant wipes, sprays, etc, may help kill a virus, but it also kills all the good bacteria designed to protect you. One of the secret ingredients to preserving Mitochondria, is a healthy population of the good microbes (your microbiome). Using commercial disinfectants compromises that. Buy organic wipes or disinfectants that do not have the super harmful chemicals in them. Also, regular, cheap 3% hydrogen peroxide is a complete disinfectant for wiping down handles, counter tops or whatever. You can use it safely on your skin if you desire, but it will also kill the good germs you want to preserve. My go-to for a hand sanitizer? Lemon essential oil. Mix it with the carrier oil of your choice and it will control the bad germs without harming the good bacteria you want to preserve on your skin.

People talk about keeping the immune system strong, and yes you can take extra vitamin C or whatever, but here is what “immune system strong” looks like for me and my family. NO sugar, stimulants, antibiotics, glyphosate. All of these will reduce your natural immune response and feed the Cytokine response and mitochondrial cell death we want to avoid! Avoid any form of non-organic sugar, as it feeds the germs. Avoid caffeine and stimulants because they force adrenaline release and the back lash will leave you weaker. Avoid dairy, anything made from cows milk, because the A1 protein in dairy promotes inflammation and creates mucus. Mucus is a primary breeding material for the germs you don’t want!

I am not allowed to tell you not to use antibiotics if you get sick, so that is a personal choice you will have to make, but remember that any non-organic food probably contains glyphosate, and that, along with antibiotics are two of the main things that destroy our microbiome (good bacteria). All pre-sliced deli meat is coated with antibiotics. The best offense for a dangerous germ is not the latest drug or vaccine, it is the good microbes! How amazing that the Creator designed healthy humans who have the ability to produce the cure internally! By definition, a healthy immune system is synonymous with a healthy microbiome. Does that mean buy a probiotic? Not really. It is more effective to take out the things preventing your natural biome from reproducing on its own (and eating fermented foods you make yourself) than to swallow a few capsules of probiotic that often never make it to its destination because they are killed in the stomach acid. And so the following protocol is not about killing a germ, but helping the body achieve its own miracle the way it was originally designed to.


HOMEOPATHIC. The first thing I will do is use the Coronavirus Detox Remedy. This remedy is designed to be the Quantum “antidote” for all naturally occurring strains of Coronavirus. It works on the same principle as a Homeopathic Medicine (like cures like). If the virus comes to my area, I would take this remedy as a preventative 2-3 times a day. If I got ANY cold or flu-like symptoms, I would take a half dropper every waking hour. A dropper full is 1ml, so 1/2ml every hour. I will assume I may need to continue at this dose for 5-7 days. Remember this is pretty contagious, so if one person in my family gets it, I would dose everyone in the family right away at the dropper per hour rate. There are about 120 doses in the 2 ounce bottle, so I might need to have several bottles around if I am treating a family of 4 every hour for a week.




IODINE. The Supplement I would choose to use with controlling this virus, would be Iodine. Lugols 2% is my favorite. Iodine remains in its highest saturation in the Thyroid. Iodine is known to be antimicrobial, which is why it is used to disinfect the skin before surgery. Every 17 minutes, all the blood in your body passes through your Thyroid and gets “dosed” with iodine which acts to kill any germs that should not be in the body. Iodine is perhaps the cheapest nutrient by volume that helps control the Cytokine storm that causes the inflammation in the Lungs.

Lugols is a special form of Iodine that can be used internally. Again, if this virus comes to my city, I will use 5-10 drops a day as a preventative. How much I take would be determined by how depleted I am in Iodine, which can be determined by the patch test on the Iodine page. If I get ANY sign of cold/flu symptoms, I will use a minimum of 10 drops a day, and as many as 20 (again, see the Iodine patch test). I will use half that dose for my children 50-80 lb, and I probably would not use this for small children (unless you are a practitioner and know what you are doing or can muscle test for it.) I will take the daily dose all at once, but I could choose to spread it out through the day. It stains whatever it touches, including the skin, so I will dilute it in an ounce of juice, maybe a strong one like pomegranate.

ABOUT IODINE OVERDOSE. It is generally a non-issue that I can over dose at the doses above. But there will be some people who question that. If you get too much iodine in the body, you may notice some heart racing which is no more harmful than running to the mailbox and back. I cannot get actual Iodine poisoning at these doses.


Natural Immunogenics Sovereign Silver® Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol™

COLLOIDAL SILVER is The best natural antibiotic made by man. My favorite way to use silver for any kind of respiratory condition, is through aerosol delivery directly into the sinuses. You can take it orally, but it does compromise the good microbes we are trying to preserve, so I choose to bypass the mouth in a respiratory condition and dose it right into the nasal passages. This means you will need a Nebulizer with a delivery option that fits over the mouth and nose. Walmart seems to have a very inexpensive version. I have one at home that looks almost identical to this one. Battery operated, and very silent, we use this if a sniffle even crosses our face! The Colloidal silver is put in the top reservoir and it is converted into steam. This is breathed into the mouth and nose, and is delivered directly to the area where the virus is probably hibernating. I prefer aerosol delivery over oral dosing because it bypasses the intestine, where it would have killed off some of your good bacteria.

Image result for battery operated nebulizer

I am not one that uses Silver as a preventative, so you would use this when you get the first sign of cold or flu, and then everyone in the house should use it as follows: Cover the mouth and nose with the face mask, turn on the machine and breath normally in and out of the nose and mouth (so mouth slightly open). Continue this for 7-15 minutes. You can repeat this three times a day if you need to.

NOTE ABOUT SILVER. In order for the silver to be delivered through tiny water droplets of steam (aerosol), the particle size of the silver has to be 1nm or smaller. The only company I know that makes a silver this small is the Sovereign Silver. PPM is completely irrelevant, it is all about the particle size.

LASTLY, don’t be afraid. As a general rule, the human body has every ability to conquer any invading germ. Fear is the opposite of faith and belief. Honor your body if it wants to sleep and rest, and eat as healthy as you possibly can when you are asking your body to overcome an illness. Dehydration is the main reason people end up in the hospitals, so keep the healthy liquids coming. Any herbal tea that supports the Lungs (Mullein, Peppermint, Ginger), and even Eucalyptus Essential oil mixed with a carrier oil and rubbed externally on the upper chest and back can be of help.

Most people need some Iodine, and everyone needs Colloidal Silver at home, so even if the threatening virus never comes, these are useful for general health and should be kept on hand. We only provide Quantum remedies to members, which you can become by creating an account on this website. Add the following items to your cart, then check out, accept the membership, and you are good to go.


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Elimination, Do It Or Get Sick

Elimination of waste is very important to your health. Waste is created during the digestive process and the metabolic process, not to mention waste formed from all the foods we eat. Waste is also created when toxins accumulate and interfere with normal cellular functions. In today’s society, with our preservative laden diet, normal waste is produced faster than the body can eliminate it. If the body cannot eliminate waste normally, it will eventually accumulate into all areas of the body and be used as host material for toxins to become stored and germs to thrive.

When I discuss elimination, I am referring to bowel health. I don’t want to reference bowel movements because everyone thinks they are normal. But if everyone had a “normal” elimination pattern that was also healthy, colon cancer would not be one of the top killer diseases.

It has been stated that if the bowels eliminated all the waste material it received, the body would never have any pain, sickness or disease (Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management, by Bernard Jensen). With that knowledge, how many people have a healthy bowel? Keep in mind that healthy does not mean a bowel movement every morning, it doesn’t even mean several bowel movements. The word “regular” means at least one bowel movement for each meal eaten. Wow! Are you kidding me? My doctor told me that whatever my body does is regular for me … and I only have a bowel movement once a week. Yea, well, the doctor that agrees with that advice is probably going to be a colon cancer statistic.

According to Bernard Jensen’s research, if the bowels eliminated properly and the environment of the intestine remained healthy (sufficient fiber, water and exercise), there would be little or no disease. Not only a disease free colon, but if you keep the colon happy, healthy and all the poisons moving out, the entire body remains disease free.

The main cause of aging is actually an excessive amount of toxins that accumulate and begin to stifle cellular regeneration. Many people believe Acidophilus (also known as flora or good bacteria) is of utmost importance to colon health and while it is extremely important (and included in IC-1) flora will naturally replicate and remain at healthy levels if the environment of the intestine is good. Many people suffer with yeast or candida infections and most of that is what we call opportunistic yeast. When the environment of the colon gets bad, these little guys leave the area. When they do this, they cause infection known as candida. So the greatest cure for most candida is actually … yup, bowel health.

Modern medicine has found that by the age of 50, the average person has accumulated 50 pounds of sludge in the large intestine. This is due to a lack of stimulation in the intestine. We have seen countless people increase energy and stamina and lose much of their belly weight and fat simply from ridding the extra sludge from the intestine. Most people gain their weight around the waist and while people tend to think it is fat, often it is nothing more than backed up waste that never found its way out of the intestine. The body knows that too many toxins will damage tissues so it will begin to store extra toxins as fat (primarily visceral fat) and even as tumors! If the environment of the intestine becomes healthy, much of that fat and growths just disappear into the toilet. All the extra toxins in the blood put extra stress on the liver, kidney and spleen, and keep the lymphatic system from draining. The lungs also suffer as they are the paired organ to the colon (five element theory).

It is important, no, it is vital, that your intestines are moving on a regular basis, which means at least once for every meal eaten, and that all the waste is exiting the body. Technically speaking, 95% of the food you eat should be coming out of the body. The 5% that is left contains the nutrition the body extracts from the food as it passes through the intestine. Of course, in today’s world, it is doubtful that 5% of what we eat is nutritious. Maybe fillers, colors, dyes and pesticides, but I doubt 5% of it is actually nutrition unless your diet is made primarily of raw, organic fruits, vegetables and grains, so maybe we should expect more than the 95%?

If any part of elimination is not functioning well, the body cannot detoxify and detoxification is probably the single most important precursor to achieving true health. If your body is low on daily fiber, which is nature’s cleansers, IC-1 will get you what you need. If you have a history of constipation, try our Bowel Stimulant, it is by far the best “mover” on the planet!