Insect bite


The Arthropod / Vector Detox Remedies represent detox assistance for various toxins and poisons associated with the not so friendly biting/stinging critters. You might think of these as the “where did it come from” remedies. The word Vector in this case means, origin or source.

These quantum remedies can be administered immediately after being assaulted by one of the listed Arthropods, but are also useful after the bite/sting incident, even after all signs of the local bite or sting site have vanished.

It is possible that the venom or poison from any bite or sting remains in the tissues of the body long after the initial bite or sting. It is also possible that it came with additional contaminants. For instance, when a mosquito bites an animal or person, it draws the blood with all the bacteria and germs that are in that animal or person. The next person or animal that mosquito finds, has now been exposed to anything that mosquito carried from the first bite. Now you have not only the toxin that naturally comes with the bite or sting, but the germ and bacteria that the insect was carrying.

In addition: When the body becomes exposed to something it interprets as harmful, it creates a memory of it and then associates the harmful germ with the memory of the bite or sting. Let’s use our mosquito analogy again. The mosquito bites you and infects you with bacteria. The body recognizes the invasion and alerts the immune system. Unfortunately, it associates the bite with the bacteria, so every time you are bit by a mosquito, the body thinks it is getting re-infected even if there are no additional bacteria in the next mosquito bite. The reaction to the bite now is interpreted as dangerous to your health, a high alert, making mosquito bites much more reactive than they would be if the body did not have this faulty message system running. Severe reactions and Anaphylactic threats are not normal responses, there is often a deeper reason for that allergic response. Avoiding the insect isn’t always the easiest to do, and avoidance is not a solution. The remedies listed on this page were designed to address the various toxins and poisons known to be associated with that animal. Remember that just because you do not have evidence at the original bite/sting site, these toxins may still be lodged in body tissues causing or contributing to your health complaints. Use our On-line Consultation to help figure out your situation.

Detoxification of all Scorpion poisons and related complications

Help that itch, burn, rash, infection.

Heal and regenerate any skin issue.

The best germicide known to man



Flu (all strains)

Western medicine's terminology for the Flu is Influenza. It is an infectious disease caused by the Influenza viruses. Typically, influenza is transmitted through the air by coughs or sneezes, creating aerosols containing the virus. Influenza can also be transmitted by direct contact with bird droppings, nasal secretions, or by touching contaminated surfaces.

Approximately 33% of people with influenza do not even experience symptoms, yet they carry the virus. Influenza spreads around the world in seasonal epidemics, resulting in three to five million yearly cases of severe illness and about 250,000 to 500,000 yearly deaths. These cases increased to millions in some pandemic years. It can be difficult to distinguish between the common cold and influenza in the early stages of these infections. However, flu can be identified by a sudden onset of high fever/chills and extreme fatigue, with body temperatures ranging from 38-39 °C (approximately 100-103 °F). Many people are so ill that they are confined to bed for several days, with aches and pains throughout their bodies, typically worse in their backs and legs.

Symptoms of influenza may include:

  • Fever and extreme coldness (chills shivering, shaking (rigor))
  • Cough and/or Nasal congestion
  • Body aches, especially joints and throat
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Irritated, watering and red eyes
  • Reddened skin (especially face), mouth, throat and nose
  • Petechial Rash (generally from excessive coughing or vomiting that causes broken capillary vessels)
  • In children, gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea and abdominal pain, (may be severe in children with influenza B)

COMPLICATIONS: Flu can occasionally lead to pneumonia, either direct viral pneumonia or secondary bacterial pneumonia, even for persons who are usually very healthy. Please note: it is a warning sign if a child (or adult) seems to be getting better and then relapses with a high fever as this relapse may be pneumonia. Another warning sign is if the person starts to have trouble breathing.

The flu vaccine is an option offered by the medical community, but studies show that more people acquire the flu from the vaccine than those who choose not to have it! Administration of the flu vaccine generates a lot of money, so you can imagine why the general public never hears about that. There are natural ways to counteract the flu that have definitely proven more effective than Tamiflu and far more than the toxic vaccine. I strongly discourage participation in the flu vaccine no matter what your age or stage of illness is.

PREVENTION: Assume all influenza, no matter what species it comes from, is contagious. The best prevention is to stay clear of it. But that is difficult since it spreads via aerosols and people can be carrying it and spreading it without actually showing signs of infection! Influenza viruses can be deactivated by sunlight, disinfectants and detergents, although soap and water are quite effective. Clean surfaces with 3% hydrogen peroxide and keep sneezes and coughs covered to prevent sharing your virus. Wash hands often and maintain good hygiene.

TREATMENT: The Flu Relief Remedy is designed to help control the fever, cough and other symptoms common with the flu. Providing Support for the Sinus and Lungs increases the body's ability to fight off the germs, allowing your body's own defenses to work better. The Influenza Detox contains a homeopathic-style detox for every single one of the Influenza strains, all those known to infect humans AS WELL as those not thought to infect humans. That means there is a Detox for the entire Orthomyxovirus collective and it addresses antigenic drift (evolved mutations of the viruses).

If you need additional help, purchase the MMS. Colloidal silver is also a known effective anti-viral. The most effective version, in my opinion, is Silver Shield made by Nature's Sunshine company, specifically because of the 10,000 volts used in the process of making this particular silver formula.

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Injury (sprain/strain)

Sprains and strains are common injuries to the musculoskeletal system. Although these two words are often used interchangeably, they are two different types of injuries, but both can cause pain, swelling and bruising.

A sprain is an injury to a ligament being stretched beyond its capacity. You might even hear a popping sound at the time of injury if the ligament ruptured. Sprains occur most commonly in the wrist and ankle. A strain is when a muscle or tendon becomes overstretched and injured. Don't worry, you don't need to know which injury you have, the same Remedy combination is used to fix it.

Now you might be thinking that the body can heal itself, why the need for a remedy? First of all, the recommended Remedies will help the body heal much faster. Perhaps more importantly, every injury creates a little short circuit in the meridian system. This may not cause issues right away, but over time these contribute to lack of health in some system. Which system that is will depend on where (what meridian) the majority of injuries have occurred along.

A physician categorizes sprains and strains according to severity. A Grade I (mild) sprain or strain involves some stretching or minor tearing of a ligament or muscle. A Grade II (moderate) sprain or strain is a ligament or muscle that is partially torn but still intact. A Grade III (severe) sprain or strain means that the ligament or muscle is completely torn, resulting in joint instability. Surgery is often the medical suggestion, but there may be better options.

The cause of most strains and sprains are:

  • Walking, stepping or falling in a way that causes injury.
  • Exercising with incorrect or unsafe body alignment or doing more than the body can handle.
  • Not warming up or prepping your body for exercise properly. People often say stretch before you work out, but that does not prepare your body for exercise. Warming up means you get the blood flowing so body tissues are "ready to go" if you will. Jumping jacks, running in place or any cardiovascular activity that gets your heart pumping will warm you up fast.
  • Participating in activities (sports) where the risk of injuries is expected.
  • You are deficient in the nutrients and minerals the body needs to remain limber and not injure easily. If this applies to you, use both of the Support remedies in the second step. You will see Liver listed because it is the health of the liver that regulates the ability to heal quickly from sprain/strain issues.

NOTE: For maximum effectiveness, take the Injury Relief remedy internally every 15 minutes and apply some to the local area of injury (knee, ankle, etc.) Other than that there is little you (or a physician) can do for it but rest, ice it, and stay off of it the best you can. If you have an old injury that nevers quite got well, some virus or bacteria may have gotten in there and that is what is hindering your healing.

Counter the swelling: If your sprain/strain happens in an area where this is possible (like wrist, ankle, finger) wrap it very tightly with something so it is not allowed to swell. This ONLY works if you do it immediately BEFORE swelling has begun. Once it is swollen, you do NOT want to wrap it tightly. When an area is injured, the swelling comes from extracellular fluid building up to protect the area. Unfortunately, this restricts the flow of blood to the area. If you wrap it tightly before the swelling begins, the fluid is unable to build up and blood flow will saturate the area much faster. This will allow healing to occur faster and pain will be much less than if the swelling sets in. Remember, once swollen, DO NOT wrap tightly .. just use the Remedies listed.

If you feel there is more pain in the Injury site than there should be within two days or if pain, heat and swelling do not seem to be going down, it is possible you have a tear. Have a professional look at it, but consider Prolotherapy before you let anyone cut into you!

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