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Seasonal Allergies and the Niacin Flush

Seasonal Allergies and the Niacin FlushWe are getting to the end of pollen season in some areas, and for some reason, I am seeing more and more people that say they have allergies (seasonal) that have never had that issue before in their life. That sounds a bit odd, right? I have some sideline theories about that, but there are three basic things to consider with seasonal allergies.

1. Elimination: Intestinal health is highly, highly reflected in how well your sinuses operate, or don’t, and react to things. So make sure you are having daily bowel movements. If you need help with that, Bowel Stimulant with be happy to help you!

2. Hydration: The amount of water intake is also a huge base line requirement for allergy relief. Half of your body weight in ounces is my general suggestion. While any kind of water is better than no water, do try to drink water that does not contain chlorine (city water).

3. Niacin: What do you run to the pharmacy for when you need allergy relief? Antihistamine. Well, Niacin is not just an antihistamine, it actually metabolizes histamine. It sounds too good to be true, but if you take enough Niacin, it WILL resolve most of your allergy issues, if the allergy is histamine based (meaning this does not cure gluten allergy).

Niacin Protocol: Any adult should be able to take 100mg of Niacin at a time. A child or teenage dose is considered 50mg. The goal is to get about 500mg in your system a day. It is water soluble, so it does not really store up in your body. You have to take it daily during the season that your body reacts to allergens and makes histamines. Now, you have to take natural Niacin, and this is the stuff that gives you the flush. Flush-free, time release; any other Niacin will not do the trick. If you don’t feel the flush from your Niacin, you either have the wrong kind or you did not take enough.

Dosage: Adults, take 100mg of Niacin. If you notice no flush within a half hour, it is not enough. So the next day, take 200mg. If you flush a bit (or a lot), then you have the right stuff. If the flush is too much for you to handle, take 150 at a time rather than 200mg. The goal is to take 500mg a day, so now you know you have to take several doses a day to equal 500mg total. You might take 100mg with breakfast, 200mg with lunch and 200mg with dinner. As you take it and get acclimated to it, test your dosage level and see how much you need to get that flush. You should notice that if you used to take 200mg and get a severe flush, after two weeks, 200mg gives you a tiny flush or not much of one at all. Now you can increase your dose to 250mg twice a day.

What is the Niacin Flush? If you get a mild flush, you will feel a little red and tingly in various places. Your skin will turn a bit red. The elbows, and ears are very common “hot spots”. If you get a serious flush, it will feel like you got a nasty sunburn. You will wonder if you should be calling 911, but fear not, it is absolutely harmless and it will go away in about 30 minutes. There is absolutely no harm in the Niacin flush, even though it may feel like you may spontaneously combust because you seriously overdosed.

That’s it for now!  If you have questions please let us know.

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Help That Fever-NO meds

Why does the body get a fever to start with? The answer is not because you are deficient in aspirin. No, the body creates a fever because it is trying to kill off some sort of infection. If you view the body’s natural response to heal itself as idiotic, then by all means stop the fever. But if you think the body was wonderfully created with the ability to heal, then perhaps we should help the body rather than stopping its healing process. In order to help the body with a fever, we actually want to induce a productive fever, an Artificial Fever. We want to help the body burn up germs and microbes that have begun to overwhelm the immune system. The Artificial Fever works best particularly for viral pathogens, but it can help shrink some forms of tumors as well.

Warnings and Safeties: The artificial fever as described below is safe for all ages, including small children and infants. A fever is not harmful in any way to the body unless the brain gets too hot. Even then there is no concern unless the temperature starts to reach 104 degrees F or higher. You may monitor the temperature during the Artificial Fever if you desire. If you see it reaching 104, you can keep cool towels on the head during the artificial fever so the brain remains cool. The body should stay hot because it is helping to achieve the “artificial” fever. I know this appears opposite of what most medical advice promotes, but it works amazing!

You will need:

  1. A tub filled with hot water.
  2. A pail with a washcloth and sheet, pail filled with ice water.
  3. A sheet or pair of warm clothes to put on and go to sleep in.
  4. A bed or place to sleep where you can sweat without staining your sheets. An old sleeping bag or old sheets on the bed with plastic under them.

FILL THE TUB: To induce an artificial fever you will need to sit in bath water as hot as you can stand it for 20 minutes. Please be sensible, the water should be as hot as you can stand, but not hot enough to burn skin or hurt you in any way. 80% of people don’t need a heater, but in more severe cases it is best to have a small heater running in the bathroom to keep the air very warm or the water will cool off and it will diminish much of the affect.

READY COOL CLOTH: As the water is filling the tub and the heater is warming up the air, place a hand towel and a bed sheet in a pail or bowl filled with ice water. Place the pail within reach of the tub as you may want to keep the small towel within reach to be used on the head to keep the brain cool (if you feel you are getting too hot or feel like you might pass out). Some people get real weak in that much heat, so you may want to have a friend handy to help you with this final part. After twenty minutes of soaking in the hot bath water, get out and immediately wrap yourself in the cold sheet. It sounds dramatic, but you will be hot enough by then that you will welcome it. We are looking for the drastic temperature change in the skin, so get out of the hot water and wrap up in the ice cold sheet as quickly as possible. The heat from the body will overcome the cool of the sheet very quickly. When it does, you may discard the sheet and wrap up in something that will keep you warm enough to sweat. A cotton sheet is great idea, or maybe an old pair of sweats.

SLEEP AND SWEAT: You may now leave the bathroom and go to your place of rest. The goal now is to sleep and sweat (so don’t wrap up in something that can’t get wet; you may want to put some garbage bags between your mattress and sheets?). When you wake up, or are through resting, you are finished. Try to rest for at least 20 minutes although a longer nap would be preferred. Your body has gone through the process of creating an artificial fever which is the natural process of killing unwanted germs, particularly viruses in the body.

TUMOR SHRINKING: If you want to go beyond germ killing potential and move to tumor shrinking therapy, research has shown that the body must achieve external temperatures of 107-113 degrees for 40 minute cycles to reduce tumor growths effectively. This treatment should not be attempted alone if you are sensitive to heat exhaustion. These temperatures should not harm the body in any way as long as you are drinking plenty of fluid, which should be room temperature, not cold. IF you are sensitive to heat exhaustion, do not do this therapy alone. Keep someone next to you in case you feel like passing out. If you get too weak to function or pass out, there generally is no need to be concerned. Just place the cold towels on the head so the brain will cool down. Drinking plenty of fluid is very, very important! Getting dehydrated is what causes most medical emergencies.

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CALL 9-1-1 if:

There are times you may feel like you are dying, yet it is nothing to be alarmed about. But there are times that you need professional help .. EMERGENCY ROOM help! I love to see people get well at home. I love to see them learn and become responsible and take care of health challenges without drugs or surgery, but there are some signs that may indicate the need for immediate professional help. The emergency room is the one time modern medicine is definitely well equipped and amazing! If you have a life threatening condition, please do not try to deal with it at home, call 911 or go to emergency room!

Please Consider The Emergency Room If:

Arm and leg weakness (unilateral)
Unilateral is muscle weakness on one side of the body. If it is not the result of your arm or leg falling asleep because you were sitting or laying on it, arm and leg weakness can be caused by malfunction of part of the brain, spinal cord, or spinal 911!

Rectal bleeding
A person with rectal bleeding can see red blood in the toilet or on the toilet tissue. The most common causes of rectal bleeding are hemorrhoids and anal fissures. This should not be an emergency unless you are passing quite a bit of blood or the bleeding does not stop.

Coughing up blood
A person with hemoptysis is coughing up blood from the lungs. Many blood vessels lie under the inside surface of the lung tissue.  Causes of hemoptysis include injury, infection, or inflammation, or sometimes a tumor. If you cough up a lot of blood, a blood clot or a little bit of blood more than 3 times, call 911.

Vomiting blood
A person who is vomiting blood has bleeding in the esophagus, stomach, or upper part of the intestine. Bleeding from these structures is called upper gastrointestinal bleeding. Common causes of upper gastrointestinal bleeding include gastritis, esophagitis, esophageal varices, and peptic ulcer disease. If it is just a little bit of blood in the vomit with no pain you may not have an emergency. If you vomit blood and have pain, call 911.

Black stool
A person with melena has black stool, which is caused by digested blood in the stool. When blood enters the intestine, it is digested. The waste product of digested blood is black. The source of the bleeding is usually bleeding in the esophagus, stomach or small intestine. Some black spots in the stool are probably from dark foods you ate. If the majority of the stool is black, call 911!

Breathing difficulty
If the breathing difficulty is from a panic attack, breath into a paper bag and it should pass with no harm.  Breathing difficulty may be associated with exertion, which is also normal. If you are at rest and have breathing difficulty, especially if it comes on suddenly, it may be a severe allergy, a heart or lung malfunction, swelling or obstruction in the air passages .. call 911!

Severe abdominal pain
The location of the pain within the abdomen can be an important clue in determining the seriousness of the situation. The most common cause of abdominal pain is gas. This pain can feel like you have an emergency. If you can press in the abdomen where you feel the pain and it is not very tender, it probably is not an emergency. If you have pain and touching the area is also very painful, you may have a severe ulcer or advanced infection  and you should go to the emergency room.

Chest pain
Any organ in the chest can cause pain, including the heart, lungs, blood vessels, esophagus, ribs, nerves or muscles. Before you worry, consider a couple of things. If the pain is a temporary twinge, it may be one of the following: muscle strain after exertion, anxiety can cause chest pain, indigestion can feel like a heart attack, generally accompanied with some nausea. None of these tend to require medical attention. Your chest may feel tight if you have pneumonia or after severe coughing. Some infections can cause inflammation in the heart lining, which can cause pain when you move from one position to another, but these should not need medical attention either. ANGINA, which is when you do need attention, is when you get that tight feeling in your chest like someone tightened a belt around your chest. The discomfort can last several minutes and generally radiates into the left arm. Call 911.

Possible Stroke
Use the simple FAST test to check for signs of a stroke:
FACE: Ask your loved one to smile. Does one side of his or her face droop?
ARMS: Ask your loved one to raise both arms. Does one arm drift downward?
SPEECH: Ask your loved one to repeat a simple phrase. Does his or her speech sound slurred or strange?
TIME: If you observe any of these signs, call 911 right away!

Fainting -Sudden loss of consciousness
A person who faints has a brief loss of consciousness, followed by immediate recovery. Those who faint are unable to maintain posture: they fall to the floor or slump in a chair when they lose consciousness, and then they become alert again quickly. Fainting is caused by a sudden reduction in blood flow to the entire brain. The brain stops working when blood flow stops for more than a few seconds. Fainting is common. About 60 percent of teenagers will have an episode of fainting before they are 18 years old. You probably do not have a medical emergency.

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Dr. DeHaan’s Healing Discovery

Traditional, or modern medicine is based on Newtonian principles, which promote that the body cannot heal, it can only be maintained. This is why the world of medicine is based on medication and surgery, because Newton believed that once you are ill, the best you can do is maintain from that point. So instead of helping the body heal from gallbladder disease, they just cut it out. Instead of trying to help the immune system rid the infection causing tonsillitis, they just cut it out. Even medication does not initiate any healing, it just covers up the symptom like a pain pill. Sadly, modern medicine has become a financially based corporation that treats the body more like a piece of mechanical equipment than it does a living organism created with the inherent miracle to heal itself. All it needs to do that are the right ingredients and tools.

Discovery #1, not deficiency, but dormancy

Diet and lifestyle obviously play a large part in how well your body is able to heal and how quickly it will respond to treatment when a health condition arises. But when people think of natural healing, the first thought generally goes to supplements. We consider that if the body is sick, it must have become deficient in some essential element – maybe a vitamin or mineral or fatty acid? Building the immune system with herbal supplements and high quality vitamins and minerals is an excellent idea! Dr. DeHaan utilized this line of thinking in his practice for quite some time, until he discovered something far more effective.

This theory has been tried and proven with phenomenal success for almost two decades! In a nutshell, the body never becomes deficient and never actually runs out of a nutrient! Wow! What? To help understand this concept, think of every nutrient in your body like a light bulb. If you walk into a room and the light is off, your first thought is not that you need to change the light bulb. No, your first thought is that you need to flip the switch and turn the current on so the bulb will light up. What most people don’t realize is that the nutrition they ingest in a healthy diet is only utilized because there is a current, a frequency that charges that nutrient to make it nutritionally effective.

How does this essential current become dormant? Sometimes it is inherited, it can also be from eating a diet that is unhealthy and unbalanced, age can be a factor and accumulated toxins contribute a lot. Your body exhibits symptoms as if the nutrient or element is not there, but it simply became inactive, unavailable. When you supply the current, the nutrients are ‘powered on,’ the body’s intelligence and immune system are restored, symptoms dissipate and tissues begin to heal. And so Dr. DeHaan’s primary method of treatment is by supplying the frequency, the current, needed to turn everything back on. All of the Quantum Nutrients listed under the Nutrition section were created for this exact reason.

Discovery #2, there is always a toxin present

The main reason the immune system needs help staying ‘alert and ready’ is because of the many toxins and poisons the body is exposed to. The human body has always had to fight bacteria, fungus and viruses, these have been around as long as mankind has. So why doesn’t the immune system take care of these things any more? Why do some infections rage out of control? And why do people have so many allergies and issues that the immune system should be taking care of?

The modern world exposes the human body to more than 100,000 FDA approved toxins and poisons, many of which are known to cause cancer and other health issues. These are a new threat to the body that the immune system was never designed to deal with. Consider household cleaning agents, vaccinations, toiletries, fluoride, preservatives, artificial flavorings, genetically modified foods, environmental pollution, environmental radiation, medications, etc. Because the human body was not designed to deal with most of these toxins and poisons, they simply accumulate in body tissues and eventually become the cause of many health issues. When the body gets overwhelmed with these poisons, the immune system becomes unable to deal with the day-to-day microorganisms that we are exposed to. Infections rage out of control, viruses and bacteria mutate, and the immune system is simply too busy to take care of it all. Now we can do our best shopping for the right supplements, spending money and hoping those pills we swallow will pay off or why don’t we just target the reason the immune system is overwhelmed? Get rid of the irritating factor and the immune system is no longer over worked! Perhaps this helps you understand why we have so many options under the detox section.

Discovery #3, treat it from every angle

Perhaps you have noticed that alternative, or holistic practitioners tend to specialize in certain modalities. The Acupuncturist uses one method, the Chiropractor another, the person that specializes in diet and Nutrition has a different way, the Homeopath uses another, etc. Everyone has a theory on how and what the body needs to get well naturally. If you break down all the different ways the body heals, you have three primary categories that are essential (not including emotional, spiritual):

  1. Nutritional balance
  2. Balance to the organ/gland
  3. Detoxification

The Get Well, Stay Well At Home system is designed to target all three. If the right combination of remedies are used, the nutrition needed to make the organ/gland healthier is supplied and detoxification occurs, which further allows the organs and glands to heal. This website was set up in such a way that you can find the Symptom or Disease you struggle with (we call this your health condition). On that page it will suggest the best combination of remedies for you. If you don’t have a particular symptom you need to address, you might consider the System remedy that is a weak tendency in your family tree. For example, a history of colon cancer, read up on cancer and use the Large Intestine remedy. Feel free to use our On-Line Consultation option if you need help identifying the right combination.

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What To Do When Getting Sick

Many things can contribute to sickness: not eating a healthy diet, not getting enough exercise, not resting enough, not drinking enough water, not keeping up with normal bowel movements, spending too many hours at work, participating in stressful relationships, etc. Any combination of these will take the body to a point where it is no longer able to have normal immune response. When the immune system can’t keep up, we feel run down, or get a cold or the flu, food poisoning. We don’t have a gauge that registers our immune potential from day to day, so most of us are not aware when our immune system is getting weaker.

Unfortunately, illness becomes our wake-up call. Sickness is the body’s way of telling you to pay attention, help it out, and that it can’t keep up with the pace you are setting for it. Your lifestyle, dietary habits, emotional distress or exposure to toxic agents at your work place have left your body vulnerable and weak. Listen to your body and help it. Don’t stop the process by stopping a fever or suppressing a runny nose. They are part of your cure!

Summary Points To Get You Back Up And Running Without Using Medications or Vaccines:

1. NO GUILT, laugh it up: Don’t dwell on the mistakes you might have made that allowed you to get sick. Take a moment to realize you allowed your body to get too weak to fight off the common germs. Now take steps to get better. Adding guilt to the equation will only make you sicker and prolong the illness. Take time to do something that makes you happy, something that makes you laugh and become care free about the current situation.

2. FAST: When you start to get sick, fast. Starve a fever, starve a cold, starve everything! The body uses energy to digest and eliminate waste and toxins. By not eating, you are allowing the body to direct all its energy to cleaning up the mess that made you sick in the first place. Pure water with fresh lemon and dark maple syrup or Grandma’s molasses is an excellent source of minerals and energy. It will supply most of what you need to keep your body healing. Make every glass of lemon and maple syrup fresh, don’t make a bunch up ahead of time, don’t use fake lemon juice. If you must have something more, cook vegetables and drink the broth (not chicken soup), or eat fresh, ripe fruits. For heaven’s sake, don’t eat junk food, meat or dairy. And definitely don’t eat sugar! These foods cost the body a lot of precious energy. Sugar feeds infection and dairy creates more mucus.

3. REST or EXERCISE: Believe it or not, the body is sick because it is tired and waste has backed up. Give it a break if at all possible. *Although it may sound contradictory, some people need to exercise when they get sick. These are people with tendencies toward lymphatic congestion. If your lymphatic system is congested (generally because you lack exercise on a regular basis, perhaps because of a sedentary job) and you sit or lie around when sick, your body will take longer to process the toxins. Movement encourages the lymphatic system to cycle through and flush. You will know if you need exercise rather than rest if you can go for a walk when you are feeling sick and it does not wipe you out. If exercise makes you feel worse, rest. If it makes you feel better, do it again as able.

4. EAR and THROAT: Most fevers come from viral activity initiated by such toxins as cold, flu, staph and strep. You may feel it in the ear or the throat, either way, the virus is generally hibernating in the ear. The first thing to do is put 3-5 drops of regular 3% hydrogen peroxide in one ear and lie with your head to one side, allowing the hydrogen peroxide to bubble deep in the ear for about four minutes. Your ear will feel like you just lost all hearing, that is normal. When you flip over to do the other ear, the peroxide will run out of the ear and hearing will return to normal. The 3% hydrogen peroxide you find at the drug store is all you need. If you don’t have peroxide, you can do the same thing with colloidal silver. Repeat putting the peroxide in the ears one to three times each day (letting it sit in each ear for 4-5 minutes) if you start to feel a cold or flu coming on, and continue each day until you think you have it fixed.  If your throat hurts, suck on zinc lozenges throughout the day. They are available at health food stores. Use Essential Oils as outlined below. If you feel like you need something stronger, my absolute favorite natural antibiotic is Sovereign silver (colloidal silver). Do the Rapid Dose as explained further down.

Colloidal Silver NEBULIZED is healthier: Colloidal Silver is the best natural antibiotic made by man. I prefer not to use regular antibiotics because they may help kill the bad germs, but they also kill all the good bacteria, and do great damage to your Microbiome. There are emergency situations that may merit antibiotics, but they are rare. Silver is our Go-To but silver will also start to kill the good bacteria in the intestine if enough is taken orally. Thus my “treatment” method of choice with silver, especially for any head, throat, chest issues, is to Nebulize it. Fill the nebulizer chamber with straight, undiluted silver and we will be doing “treatments” by timer, not how much silver is in the nebulizer. The nebulizer needs to be one of those with a face mask, not just the mouth piece. We are counting on the silver being taken up with the steam that is created and breathed in via aerosol. If your silver is not 1nm particle size or smaller, it may not work. PPM with colloidal silver is completely irrelevant, particle size is everything. I use Sovereign Silver brand as it is the only silver I am aware of with a small enough particles size.  DOSE: Breathe in silver through the nebulizer, into both the mouth and nose, for 7-15 minutes, three times a day. This method minimizes silver in the intestine to harm your good, beneficial bacteria.

Colloidal Silver RAPID DOSE Protocol: If nebulizing on the first day was not enough, meaning you do not feel notably better, OR if you have an intestinal bug, you may need the Rapid Dose. This is an oral dose you will be putting in your mouth and swallowing. Are You Ready? Take two droppers of silver (1 teaspoon) and hold it in your mouth for 3-4 minutes. Repeat this every 15 minutes for two hours. That is 8 doses in two hours. Now repeat it every half hour for 2 hours for a total of 12 doses. That is it for the day, repeat the following day if needed if you do not feel you are on the mend. This works to kill most any germ, including food poisoning.

ESSENTIAL OILS and foot rubs: Essential Oils are excellent for helping the body get better. Top 3 would be Lemon, as disinfectant, Peppermint, to help oxygenate and control tummy stuff, and Protect (Fabulous Frannie brand, it is the same as Thieves from Young Living brand), to help control germs.  If you need to reduce a fever or help tummy stuff, mix 5-8 drops of Peppermint in a teaspoon or more of coconut oil and rub into the feet, particularly the bottom. Give a good foot rub and look for tender spots and rub them gently to promote healing. Yes, that is actually very therapeutic and helps healing. Repeat 2-3 times a day. Rub a drop or two of lemon oil on the palm of the hands, rub them together briskly, then hold near the nose and breathe that in for a few minutes.  I use 5-8 drops of Protect Oil in a teaspoon or more of coconut oil and rub into the feet with a good foot rub. If there is no fever, I just use this and not the Peppermint to help control any germs. I personally eat this oil, either by licking a drop off of my hand every few hours, or putting a couple drops in hot water and making tea. It is very hot and spicy, so make sure you can handle it, and don’t give it to children internally.

5. HELP A FEVER: A fever is the body’s natural mechanism for killing what caused the fever. To stop the fever is to stop the body’s natural immune process. People fear fevers, but there is little to fear about the average fever. Unless a fever starts getting above 104 degrees, there is really nothing to worry about. The FEVER IS THE CURE! Click here to learn how to help the body cure the fever, by helping the Fever.

TUMMY stuff: Nausea, Diarrhea, Stomach Pain, Food Poisoning? You want IC-2 for all of these. Its ingredients absorb up to 2000x its weight in poison, and it controls diarrhea and food poisoning germs fast! If you don’t have my IC-2 on hand, get some Activated Charcoal capsules at your local health or vitamin shop and take 6-10 of them per day until the issue is over.

BAKING SODA Cure. The flu, a cold, Influenza, any and all version of illness needs an acid environment to thrive or survive. Click here for more advanced information on using baking soda to alkalize the body to help healing.

SUPPLEMENTS: There are all kinds of supplements for “keeping the immune system healthy,” and those are all fine, but the intestines should be the main target of cleansing. Keeping the intestines happy and healthy is essential to getting well and staying well no matter what your symptom or condition is. Keep taking Super Nutrient to ensure that your body is getting the required nutrition to heal. Use IC-1 as directed to keep the intestines moving happily and removing waste that might have accumulated in the intestine (add Bowel Stimulant if the IC-1 fiber is not enough to keep your bowels moving a couple times each day.) Add a couple of IC-2 capsules and a couple of Digestive Aid capsules three times each day if you have intestinal discomfort, nausea, diarrhea or feel poisoned in any way.

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START HERE! Diet / Lifestyle Basics



We provide the most complete “medicinal cabinet” of energy medicine and an easy-to-use format on But true health and wellness is not just about the medicine you use. Long term, we desire to see you happy and healthy, and that means you are not dependent on any medicine, not even ours. Yes, you will need remedies from time to time simply because we live in a world that exposes us to harmful toxins, poisons and germs every day, but you will need us less often if you live your day-to-day in a healthy way.

The fundamental principles of wellness AND healing are things YOU will be responsible for in your daily life. It is best if you do not think of the following changes as a diet, but as a way of life, your inner conviction and simply who you are (at least from now on). Will I be taking all the fun out of life? Nope. Are you ever allowed to cheat, or do things that are not the best choice? Sure! Above all, I want you to feel alive! .. not restricted. I have always said, a doughnut won’t kill you, but a salad won’t heal you. It is what you do most of the time that will dictate how you feel tomorrow and the next day. And let’s face it, you cannot feel truly alive and happy if you are not healthy.

Whether you are new to the natural / healthy ways, or you feel like you are a healthy veteran of the natural healing arts, the following fundamentals remain the same.  20 years of clinical experience have taught me that it does not matter what your blood type, metabolic type, allergy, belief system or religion, fundamental wellness, or the foundation of your health, is an equation that fits every human being. These are simple laws of nature. This is not a diet, for there is no single diet that fits every person. But the principles below are for everyone. It’s not even hard to remember! If you break it down, you are being asked to eat foods the way nature produced them, before they are processed, fortified or otherwise poisoned.


  • Make water your primary beverage (half of your body weight in ounces-daily). Do NOT drink city water as it is full of toxins like Fluoride. Well or spring water with 2-5 drops of Liquid Detox per gallon provides the best cellular charge of H20. Nature intended us to gain alkalinity from the breakdown of healthy foods, not water, so proceed with caution with some of the Alkaline water filters.
  • Place 2 – 5 drops of Liquid Detox in every beverage you drink and allow it to breath for three minutes before you drink it. This will assure there are no harmful toxins in your drink. Treat all beverages to assure toxins are neutralized.
  • Try to avoid cow’s milk. Rice milk, almond milk, cashew milk and coconut milk are the best (all organic sources if possible), but raw, fresh goat milk is also good to drink, put in hot beverages, cooking or for your cereal.
  • Avoid carbonated beverages, alcoholic beverages and drinks with caffeine or sugar added to them –these all disrupt the normal pH of the intestines, and pH is critical to regaining or maintaining health. That said, many people enjoy a glass of wine here and there, and there are many studies showing that RED wine has many health benefits. Of course, if you can get organic wine, you avoid the pesticides sprayed on the grapes.
  • Need something other than water to drink, apple juice is the best alkaline juice. Of course, get it organic! If you are not worried about glycemic and calories, any juice that is 100% juice with nothing added is a good choice. And that morning coffee .. the sugar and the cream are generally worst than the coffee! So black is best. If you must have it, it is easy to find organic coffee, and sweeten it with Stevia or organic sugar, honey or maple syrup (with added almond or coconut milk?). But even better than coffee is herbal teas. These are wonderful when you need a hot drink.


  • Fresh vegetables (organic if possible) should make up at least 80% of your diet; the more varieties you use, the better. Eat your vegetables raw or lightly steamed. The longer you cook them, the more nutrients you lose.
  • Dark green vegetables, beans, legumes, non-GMO tofu, whey, kefir and organic yogurt should be the primary source of protein in your diet, not meat and certainly not dairy products. Raw, unsalted nuts are good, as well as eggs. Free range eggs are best because it means the chickens were not fed GMO grains. PS..chickens eat worms and bugs in nature, so vegetarian eggs are not the better choice.
  • If you are going to eat meat, get the lean version of the Biblically “clean” meats (list here). As a rule, try to eat no more than 4 ounces of meat per meal, 3-4 times/week. Try to find range-fed animals for your meat to avoid the harmful hormones, steroids and GMO grains in commercial meat. When selecting fish, look for wild caught, not farm raised (which use hormones, dyes, and even plastics in the feed).
  • It is better to eat many small meals during the day rather than one or two large meals; your largest meal should be lunch so that you don’t go to bed on a full stomach. If your large meal is dinner, give yourself a few hours before sleeping on a full stomach.
  • Avoid processed or manufactured foods filled with chemicals, additives or preservatives (junk food). As a rule of thumb, if you can’t pronounce something in the ingredient list or it has numbers or hyphens in it, the item is a toxic additive or preservative.
  • Be sure to eat slowly, concentrate on your food (not a tv show or magazine) and chew each bite 20 – 40 times before you swallow, especially meats and proteins.
  • Don’t eat unless you are hungry because it means digestive juices are not present, and never overeat (get stuffed). Eating should be fun; don’t eat if you are upset.
  • Look for organic. The words “All Natural” mean good marketing skills, not healthy. If an item is not certified organic, assume it has chemicals and poisons in it. More on organic here.


  • Snacks and deserts tend to be our unhealthiest foods. This is generally the case either out of habit, craving or just need something fast. Find healthy snacks at your local health food store and keep them around so you don’t eat junk. Yes, you can have chocolate, but get it without the chemicals and additives. Organic chocolate, yogurt, raw nuts and seeds, organic-baked chips (non-GMO), fresh fruits, dried fruits, carrot sticks, etc. On the go all the time? What happened to taking lunch and snacks to work or on the road with you (instead of drive-thru).
  • If you eat nuts and seeds, try to find them raw -unsalted and unroasted; and chew them thoroughly! If you have low stomach acid or stomach problems, or if you see the seeds coming out in the stool (bowel movement), soak them in apple cider vinegar over night before you eat them.


White sugar is as harmful to the body as most drugs. White sugar (often listed as high fructose corn syrup) is in just about every food there is, even ketchup, so check labels and try to avoid it. NOTE: The best sweeteners are not the low glycemic ones, unless you are diabetic. The sweeteners that nature makes, like molasses, dark maple syrup, local honey or real cane sugar are good options. If you are looking for lower calorie options, use Stevia or Xylitol. Artificial sweeteners of all kinds (such as these) are very, very toxic for the body, particularly the neurological system, so it would be best to avoid them always. Matter of fact if you have used them much in the past you might consider using the detox remedy listed on the Aspertame page.


  • The best ways to cook healthy are to bake, roast, steam, boil, broil, poach, stew and simmer.
  • If you need to fry something, use coconut oil. No other oil should be heated above 150 degrees.
  • Do not use a microwave—ever! Use toaster ovens or the stove to heat up foods, boil water, etc.
  • Avoid frying and grilling with charcoal. Propane (gas) or real wood is best for grilling. The free radicals generated in one 8 ounce steak grilled over charcoal brickets is equal to smoking two full packs of cigarettes!
  • If eating meat, cook Well-Done! Ok, at least Medium-Well, please?
  • Use organic, whole grain flours for baking (preferably milled at the time of use) and the suggested sweeteners to make your breads and pastries, not refined flours and white sugar.


  • Real, organic butter and organic jams and jellies are great on toast.
  • Cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some form of vinegar (like balsamic) makes the best salad dressings.
  • Season with herbs, spices, lemon, garlic, onions (nature’s herbs and foods). Try Bragg’s Liquid Aminos as a soy sauce and for stir fry.
  • Table salt is very harmful to the body. The body does not like sodium, but it does need salt. I recommend Celtic Sea Salt, with pink Himalayan salt being second choice. Just Sea Salt has no minerals in it to balance the sodium ratios.
  • Mayonnaise (yuck), but ketchup and mustard can be found in organic form so they do not have fake colors and added sugar. Go to your local health food store and look for other condiment choices. As a rule, if it is organic, it is probably fine.


  • As you can see, the healthy choices are not a diet, it is simply stopping to think about what you are getting .. and using real food every day. The NO-NO’s are the junk foods, the items that had to get processed or were genetically altered (GMO) .. items with added chemical flavorings, colors and preservatives. Cheese for example, is made from milk. Have you ever seen yellow milk? So why would you eat yellow cheese?
  • If you have chronic health issues, or lots of digestive and intestinal issues, or a lot of inflammation and pain, it is very likely that your body does not process some of the foods you eat. The number one food allergy in the modern world is now gluten. Wheat is a real food, it’s true, but the wheat kernel has become so genetically modified that it contains as much as 19% gluten rather than the 2% that nature intended before man decided to “improve” on it. So if you have health issues that are not responding, go gluten free for 31 days and see how you feel then. If that does not make a big difference, the next thing to consider eliminating would be dairy and corn. Again, 31 days and you will have a good idea if that food group is interfering with your health and wellness.


  • Increase your heart rate and sweat in some type of aerobic exercise for at least 20 minutes 3-4 times each week.
  • If you cannot exercise from injury or disability, consider the real Chi Machine or a mini-trampoline at least 10-20 minutes each day.
  • Fun is essential to health. Have fun at least one day each week. The more stressful your week is, the more imperative this fun day is. Make sure you are enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. Don’t stay in airtight buildings all the time.
  • The body needs one day of rest each week, that means no stress and no work, make that your fun, family day. Yes, I am being redundant because it is that important.
  • The body regenerates when asleep–every minute of sleep before midnight is worth 4 minutes of sleep after midnight.


  • How you treat those around you will either feed or deplete your emotional heart. At the end of the day, what you did, or how you reacted is much more important that what they did or didn’t do…so do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • If you are mistreated by those around you, get new friends, but part with the old ones gently.
  • Take time to notice and help other people, it will come back to you.
  • Remember that people are and act as they do only as the expression of the unresolved pain in their hearts. Being angry at someone only hurts you, so take time to forgive each night before going to sleep.


Your specific religion is not important, but the expression of your heart is critical. Take time to be thankful every day. No matter what your situation, it can always be worse. Show thankfulness for what you have and see new, good things come to you. Also be generous with Forgiveness. The two strongest emotions on the planet are Love & Gratitude.


  • Consider using organic cleaning products around the house and for your laundry. Straight, cheap, hydrogen peroxide kills more germs than the leading “antimicrobial” name brands.
  • Use natural deodorant (with no aluminum or crude oil byproducts),  fluoride-free toothpaste, organic make-up and other cosmetics to reduce your exposure to toxins—the skin absorbs everything it comes into contact with. Get fully educated on these pages.
  • If you have city water, consider a filter on your shower because your skin will absorb more poison in a hot shower than you would if you drank that nasty water.
  • Most people believe that healthy must include some supplements. That topic has been addressed here.

At the end of the day, it is very difficult to change dietary patterns and habits that have been ingrained for years and decades. If you try to change everything at once you will probably fail, so consider adding in a new principle each week until you find you are following most of the outline above. Also, pH is a major contributor to the health or disease process. I highly suggest you use the pH monitoring. This will tell you how far you are from being on the road to health and motivate you to make more changes if your pH range is not on the alkaline side.