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Seasonal Allergies and the Niacin Flush

Seasonal Allergies and the Niacin FlushWe are getting to the end of pollen season in some areas, and for some reason, I am seeing more and more people that say they have allergies (seasonal) that have never had that issue before in their life. That sounds a bit odd, right? I have some sideline theories about that, but there are three basic things to consider with seasonal allergies.

1. Elimination: Intestinal health is highly, highly reflected in how well your sinuses operate, or don’t, and react to things. So make sure you are having daily bowel movements. If you need help with that, Bowel Stimulant with be happy to help you!

2. Hydration: The amount of water intake is also a huge base line requirement for allergy relief. Half of your body weight in ounces is my general suggestion. While any kind of water is better than no water, do try to drink water that does not contain chlorine (city water).

3. Niacin: What do you run to the pharmacy for when you need allergy relief? Antihistamine. Well, Niacin is not just an antihistamine, it actually metabolizes histamine. It sounds too good to be true, but if you take enough Niacin, it WILL resolve most of your allergy issues, if the allergy is histamine based (meaning this does not cure gluten allergy).

Niacin Protocol: Any adult should be able to take 100mg of Niacin at a time. A child or teenage dose is considered 50mg. The goal is to get about 500mg in your system a day. It is water soluble, so it does not really store up in your body. You have to take it daily during the season that your body reacts to allergens and makes histamines. Now, you have to take natural Niacin, and this is the stuff that gives you the flush. Flush-free, time release; any other Niacin will not do the trick. If you don’t feel the flush from your Niacin, you either have the wrong kind or you did not take enough.

Dosage: Adults, take 100mg of Niacin. If you notice no flush within a half hour, it is not enough. So the next day, take 200mg. If you flush a bit (or a lot), then you have the right stuff. If the flush is too much for you to handle, take 150 at a time rather than 200mg. The goal is to take 500mg a day, so now you know you have to take several doses a day to equal 500mg total. You might take 100mg with breakfast, 200mg with lunch and 200mg with dinner. As you take it and get acclimated to it, test your dosage level and see how much you need to get that flush. You should notice that if you used to take 200mg and get a severe flush, after two weeks, 200mg gives you a tiny flush or not much of one at all. Now you can increase your dose to 250mg twice a day.

What is the Niacin Flush? If you get a mild flush, you will feel a little red and tingly in various places. Your skin will turn a bit red. The elbows, and ears are very common “hot spots”. If you get a serious flush, it will feel like you got a nasty sunburn. You will wonder if you should be calling 911, but fear not, it is absolutely harmless and it will go away in about 30 minutes. There is absolutely no harm in the Niacin flush, even though it may feel like you may spontaneously combust because you seriously overdosed.

That’s it for now!  If you have questions please let us know.