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Help That Fever-NO meds

Why does the body get a fever to start with? The answer is not because you are deficient in aspirin. No, the body creates a fever because it is trying to kill off some sort of infection. If you view the body’s natural response to heal itself as idiotic, then by all means stop the fever. But if you think the body was wonderfully created with the ability to heal, then perhaps we should help the body rather than stopping its healing process. In order to help the body with a fever, we actually want to induce a productive fever, an Artificial Fever. We want to help the body burn up germs and microbes that have begun to overwhelm the immune system. The Artificial Fever works best particularly for viral pathogens, but it can help shrink some forms of tumors as well.

Warnings and Safeties: The artificial fever as described below is safe for all ages, including small children and infants. A fever is not harmful in any way to the body unless the brain gets too hot. Even then there is no concern unless the temperature starts to reach 104 degrees F or higher. You may monitor the temperature during the Artificial Fever if you desire. If you see it reaching 104, you can keep cool towels on the head during the artificial fever so the brain remains cool. The body should stay hot because it is helping to achieve the “artificial” fever. I know this appears opposite of what most medical advice promotes, but it works amazing!

You will need:

  1. A tub filled with hot water.
  2. A pail with a washcloth and sheet, pail filled with ice water.
  3. A sheet or pair of warm clothes to put on and go to sleep in.
  4. A bed or place to sleep where you can sweat without staining your sheets. An old sleeping bag or old sheets on the bed with plastic under them.

FILL THE TUB: To induce an artificial fever you will need to sit in bath water as hot as you can stand it for 20 minutes. Please be sensible, the water should be as hot as you can stand, but not hot enough to burn skin or hurt you in any way. 80% of people don’t need a heater, but in more severe cases it is best to have a small heater running in the bathroom to keep the air very warm or the water will cool off and it will diminish much of the affect.

READY COOL CLOTH: As the water is filling the tub and the heater is warming up the air, place a hand towel and a bed sheet in a pail or bowl filled with ice water. Place the pail within reach of the tub as you may want to keep the small towel within reach to be used on the head to keep the brain cool (if you feel you are getting too hot or feel like you might pass out). Some people get real weak in that much heat, so you may want to have a friend handy to help you with this final part. After twenty minutes of soaking in the hot bath water, get out and immediately wrap yourself in the cold sheet. It sounds dramatic, but you will be hot enough by then that you will welcome it. We are looking for the drastic temperature change in the skin, so get out of the hot water and wrap up in the ice cold sheet as quickly as possible. The heat from the body will overcome the cool of the sheet very quickly. When it does, you may discard the sheet and wrap up in something that will keep you warm enough to sweat. A cotton sheet is great idea, or maybe an old pair of sweats.

SLEEP AND SWEAT: You may now leave the bathroom and go to your place of rest. The goal now is to sleep and sweat (so don’t wrap up in something that can’t get wet; you may want to put some garbage bags between your mattress and sheets?). When you wake up, or are through resting, you are finished. Try to rest for at least 20 minutes although a longer nap would be preferred. Your body has gone through the process of creating an artificial fever which is the natural process of killing unwanted germs, particularly viruses in the body.

TUMOR SHRINKING: If you want to go beyond germ killing potential and move to tumor shrinking therapy, research has shown that the body must achieve external temperatures of 107-113 degrees for 40 minute cycles to reduce tumor growths effectively. This treatment should not be attempted alone if you are sensitive to heat exhaustion. These temperatures should not harm the body in any way as long as you are drinking plenty of fluid, which should be room temperature, not cold. IF you are sensitive to heat exhaustion, do not do this therapy alone. Keep someone next to you in case you feel like passing out. If you get too weak to function or pass out, there generally is no need to be concerned. Just place the cold towels on the head so the brain will cool down. Drinking plenty of fluid is very, very important! Getting dehydrated is what causes most medical emergencies.