Food Allergies

There are so many of them, and so many people have them, but is the allergy the problem or yet another side effect?

An allergy is an overcompensation of the body's immune system when confronted with an element it cannot digest, metabolize or otherwise "deal with." No matter what your allergen is, the body reacts to it as a foreign invader, a bad guy, thus the reaction. The modern world either lives with their allergies or use drugs to suppress the symptoms. But what if you could eliminate them altogether? If an allergy is really the symptom, wouldn't it be nice to identify and eliminate the cause?

WHAT IS AN ALLERGY? During an allergic process, the substance responsible for causing the allergy, or allergen, binds to allergic antibodies present on allergic cells in a person's body, including mast cells and basophils. These cells then release chemicals such as histamine and leukotrienes, resulting in allergic symptoms such as a runny nose, itchy eyes, hives, general swelling, vomiting, diarrhea, trouble breathing, quickened heart rate and finally loss of consciousness because of a drop in the person's blood pressure. This is called anaphylaxis (systemic vasodilation resulting in low blood pressure), which can be caused by a severe allergic reaction. People who are aware of allergens of this level generally carry epipens.

There is a simple allergy test you can do at home if you wish to find exactly what you might be allergic to. Click here for more details.

Conventional treatment of allergies is directed at blocking the immune response, but it would seem wiser to identify the cause of the allergen rather than reduce immune response, which is needed for so many other things in the body. Even better than identifying the allergen would be correcting the reason you have an allergy at all! Why does your body respond in an allergic way? Why does the pollen or that cat make you sneeze, yet other people are not affected by it? Identification of allergies is wonderful when we need to find the cause of an annoying symptom or health condition, but the 'allergy' is not really the answer. The real underlying issue is why YOUR body will not digest or metabolize that item.

The real cause of most allergies is one or more of the following:

  • toxin interfering with digestive capability. In developed countries, the toxin is often GMO foods, or genetically modified foods. These foods are often loaded with BT toxin. Avoid all forms of corn and grains that are not GMO-free.
  • A deficiency of enzymes in the intestine. If you do not eat plenty of raw fruits and veggies daily, you may need to add the Digestive Aid.
  • Lack of fiber and normal bowel elimination - The IC-1 provides the fiber, use it daily if you have allergies, and if your bowels still do not move twice a day, add the Bowel Stimulant.
  • There is often some emotional congestion involved with those that have severe or chronic allergies. You might consider EFT or some method to help heal from that perspective.

NOTE: Dehydration is a huge factor with allergies, particularly if hives are part of the complaint - stop all caffeine! Also keep in mind that gluten, one of the most common allergies, has been over consumed. Original wheat, for example, had 2% gluten while modern wheat has been genetically modified and contains as much as 19% gluten. That is much more than the human body was created to deal with. If you have food allergies or any kind, or any health condition / complaint that is not responding, PLEASE watch this GMO documentary. and make the appropriate dietary changes. There is no medicine for what you must correct At Home!