Headache (& Migraines)

Headaches are the ninth most common reason for a person to consult a physician in the US. Tension Headaches account for nearly 90% of all headaches; pain usually occurs on both sides of the head and consists of a dull, steady ache. It may produce a feeling of pressure similar to the sensation caused by a tight band placed on the head and/or around the neck. It typically comes on slowly and is usually triggered by fatigue, stress, dehydration or low blood sugar.

A Migraine is a form of vascular headache. Migraine headaches are caused by a combination of vasodilatation (enlargement of blood vessels) and the release of chemicals from nerve fibers that coil around the blood vessels. During a migraine attack, the temporal artery enlarges. The temporal artery is an artery that lies on the outside of the skull just under the skin of the temple. The enlargement of the temporal artery stretches the nerves that coil around the artery and cause the nerves to release chemicals. The chemicals cause inflammation, pain, and further enlargement of the artery which magnifies the pain.

Migraines generally have a localized pain point, like near an eye or the left side of the head. Pain is described as throbbing, crushing, or splitting head pain. Nausea and vomiting are common because the receptors in the brain are over producing so much that it affects other parts of the body. Triggers for migraines are thought to be bright lights, loud noises, exposure to an allergen (wine, smoke, etc.), lack of sleep, etc.

If you suffer from migraines and notice that I use the word interchangeably with headaches, please do not feel offended. I am not belittling the pain you are experiencing. The reason I have listed both of these conditions on the same page is because the cause of both is often similar. With the exceptions of a concussion, high fever or major vision problems, there is one main reason for all head pain and that is liver congestion with a side of constipation. It doesn't matter what your trigger is; TMJ and various other things can play into it, but the cause is still liver with a side of constipation. Interestingly, the pain pills we take for head pain directly affect the liver in a negative way long term so the medical "answer" is actually compounding the problem. (Nothing new there!)

DIRECTIONS: Over the years I have found headaches and migraines very simple to correct. The Migraine Relief Remedy is designed to support the vascular and muscle (tension) part of the equation. Dehydration is almost always part of the equation, but only you can correct that part. I recommend the Liver Support, but I also recommend the Female Support and Large Intestine Support. This is because females tend to get both headaches and migraines more often than men. Some of these are triggered by hormone imbalance. The liver is still responsible because if it was healthy it would filter out the excess hormones causing the pain. If your head pain has anything to do with menstrual cycles or ovulation times of the month, use the Female Support along with the Liver Support. If your head pain does not seem related to hormones and cycle times, use the Large Intestine Support with the Migraine Relief.

If you take the recommended remedies and you do not find substantial relief, it is very likely you have some Gallstones that need to be flushed out. Even if your Gallbladder has been removed, please do the Gallstone Flush. If your head pain is brought on by blood sugar (missing meals), you also need the Gallstone Flush. If your head pain is triggered by allergens of any kind, MSG and foods containing tyramine (red wine, aged cheese, smoked fish, chicken livers, figs, and some beans are most common), you need to do the Lemonade-Master Cleanse.

I said a side of constipation, so please READ THIS BLOG article to assure you really do have "normal" bowel habits, and how to achieve them.