E. Coli


Escherichia coli (commonly abbreviated E. coli) and related bacteria constitute about 0.1% of stomach flora. The fact that it was found in the colon is why it was called coli! Fecal-oral transmission is the major route through which pathogenic strains of the bacterium cause disease. Most E. coli strains are harmless, but some serotypes (refers to distinct variations within a subspecies of bacteria or viruses) can cause serious food poisoning in humans, and are occasionally responsible for product recalls. The harmless strains are part of the normal flora of the stomach and can benefit their hosts by producing vitamin K2. They prevent the establishment of pathogenic bacteria within the intestine, yet certain species are human pathogens and the most common cause of urinary tract infections.

Virulent strains of E. coli can cause gastroenteritis, urinary tract infections, and neonatal meningitis. In rare cases, virulent strains are also responsible for hemolytic-uremic syndrome, peritonitis, mastitis, septicemia and Gram-negative pneumonia.

This Quantum Formula antidotes the various species in the Escherichia genus, the many subspecies of E. coli, along with methanogens lactate, succinate, ethanol, acetate, carbon dioxide, pyruvic acid, formic acid, hydrogen, amino acids, oxygen, nitrate, dimethyl sulfoxide and trimethylamine N-oxide.