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Abscess (Carbuncles & Boils)

An abscess is a collection of pus (dead neutrophils) that has accumulated in a cavity formed by the tissue in which the pus resides. They are usually caused by bacteria, parasites or other foreign materials (e.g., splinters, bullet wounds, or injecting needles). An abscess is a defensive reaction of the tissue to prevent the spread of infectious materials to other parts of the body (making it a good thing, but tell that to the pain it causes!) The bacteria/parasites (or foreign materials) kill the local cells, resulting in the release of cytokines. The cytokines trigger an inflammatory response, which draws large numbers of white blood cells to the area and increases the regional blood flow.

The cardinal symptoms and signs of any kind of inflammatory process are redness, heat, swelling, pain and loss of function. Abscesses may occur in any kind of solid tissue but occur most frequently on skin surfaces, where they may be superficial pustules (boils) or deep skin abscesses. But they can also form in the lungs, brain, teeth, kidneys and tonsils.

Left unresolved, major complications can occur, including spreading of the abscess material to adjacent or remote tissues and extensive regional tissue death (gangrene). An abscess will begin to heal once it has drained in most cases. You cannot lance a boil until the head is soft. Pricking (lancing) the white or yellow head (but wait until there is a head) with a sterile needle is recommended. Squeezing is NOT recommended as it can push infected debris through tissue back into the blood and it can also promote scaring. Natural drainage is the best solution, let the body perform the miracle.

If the head of the abscess is hard, like you see in the photo, make a paste of IC-2 and Liquid Detox and wrap it over the area. You can add a dab of Healing Salve if you need to keep it as a paste. The IC-2 and Liquid Detox will draw the toxins to the surface and help the boil soften and come to a head so you can lance it for drainage. Once a boil is lanced and begins to drain, Liquid Detox can be applied to a band aid or bandage and applied over the abscess to initiate healing and keep the site from re-infecting. If the abscess appears as an open wound, pack it with Healing Salve to help it heal quickly and with the least scaring.

If your abscess is in a tooth, take some of the Healing Salve and mix it with equal parts of IC-2 and pack it between the cheek and the tooth with the abscess. This will help draw the infection out of the tooth. If there is pain in the tooth, take a piece of ice and rub it along the web between the thumb and pointer finger.

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