Age Spots

The term 'age spots', or lentigines, refers to the brownish spots that, over time appear on your face and body as a result of overexposure to the sun, or that is what you have been told, right? Our skin has what is called 'melanin pigment' which absorbs sunlight and helps naturally protect our skin from UV rays. There are a couple different types of brown spots that people get on their skin. There are solar lentigos (age spots) and freckles (known as ephiledes). These often come from the sun and that's because the sun damages the melanocytes, which are the cells in the epidermis (the skin's surface layer) that produce melanin pigment.

Tan skin is not healthy skin. A tan is our body's way of telling us our skin has been damaged, and its attempt to protect itself from further damage. As we undergo UVA and UVB light exposure from the sun's rays or from tanning beds, we are damaging our skin, which will lead to age spots (solar lentigines), sun spots, liver spots, poikiloderma (reddish-brown areas of discoloration) and melasma (mottled brownish areas).

Most of the cells in our epidermis are skin cells that form the dead skin layer as well as keratin that protects us from the outside world, but one in every tenth or twentieth cell is a melanocyte which produces melanin pigment and transfers this brown pigment to our skin cells to help protect us against the sun. Dark-skinned people do a much better job of protecting themselves from the sun because they naturally have higher melanin. Estrogen and progesterone imbalance can contribute indirectly to spot formation as well. If an age spot changes color or consistency or begins itching or burning it may be moving into malignancy.

So does the sun really cause sun spots, age spots and skin cancer? The quick answer is, Nope! I do not believe the sun causes age spots. It contributes to it, but the underlying cause is calcium that comes out of solution in the body and accumulates in the skin pigment. When these areas are exposed to too much sun or UV rays it browns the now solidified calcium. Did you ever wonder why you get 'spots' and don't just become one large spot in all burned areas? In the alternative health world the age spots are more accurately termed liver spots because they are associated with liver congestion or toxicity. One research study showed that severe age spots evident on the hands and arms were indicators of chronic congestion in the circulatory system around the brain. Skin issues always reflect deeper issues, the sun is just a contributor, not the cause. That said, any sun exposure that causes burn is toxic for the body. Sunscreens are not healthy so it is best to use hats and clothing to cover the skin past the point of light pink color.

HOME REMEDY: You can find all kinds of home remedies for removing age spots on the internet. From applying honey to rubbing raw onion all over them. The one thing I have seen work consistently is lemon. Taking a small slice of real lemon and rubbing it into the spots twice a day. A proven remedy for age spots is Aloe Vera. Buy a plant and keep it in your bathroom. Break off a small piece daily and rub the juice over your age spots. Remember that long term those spots mean you have calcium that is out of solution, it has crystallized. What you see on the outside is a symptom of what is going on inside the body. Use our Vitamin D3 daily to help break up crystalized calcium. SunscreensSunscreens are more harm than good long term, and can contribute to the problem, which is why it is listed as the detox. In addition, the Lemonade Cleanse is amazing. The results are cumulative because it is having to remove plaque from the inside of your circulatory system and brain, remember? So do the Lemonade Cleanse every two months until you are where you want. Give this program a year and you will be notably different, inside and out.

NOTE: If you suspect a skin spot may be cancerous, which may be the fact if it is quite dark, raised, begins to change color or itch, you may apply the C-Herb to the spot. If there is any cancer cells in the area, the C-Herb will pull them out and keep them from spreading or metastasizing. PLEASE do not use on the face as it can leave serious scarring.