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If you care enough about your own body's health to use natural medicine and avoid ingesting poison (medications), you likely extend that same care to your pets. Those loving critters are part of the family for many of us. They depend on you for their every need and they would certainly choose the healthier alternative if you could ask them. The Quantum Remedies available on this site are equally effective for humans and animals, or stated more clearly, our Quantum Remedies work for any warm-blooded vertebrate! Dr. DeHaan's father is a licensed Veterinarian and has seen the proven results of our Quantum Remedies many times. As a Veterinarian in the practice of holistic medicine, he has found that the same things that bring disease to humans bring disease to pets. These include the pathogenic bacterias, viruses, parasites and funguses, but also electromagnetic stress, toxic vaccinations, foods with excessive chemicals, etc. Your pets need detoxification too!

By law, the ONLY chemical you have to give your animal is the Rabies vaccine. We believe drugs (antibiotics) and chemicals are as damaging for your pet as they are for you. We offer a variety of remedies for various health conditions. We have listed a few of the most common pathogens that cause disease in animals. We have found that pets respond to the exact same protocols as their owners. The way this site is set up, if you click on the Symptom/Disease button above, it will take you to the pages that explain exactly why and how our remedies work. While the protocol is specified for humans, that exact protocol works perfectly for your warm-blooded friends. No Quantum Remedy on this site can harm your animal in any way.

If you have a non-mammal pet that needs attention or any animal that you would like to consult with a licensed Veterinarian about, please visit 'A Holistic Vet'. Dr. DeHaan's father, Roger L. DeHaan, offers phone consultations and helps people all over the country with their animal needs. He specializes in some of the more difficult animal conditions like skin problems, food allergies, dysplasia, cancers and much more. You can reach him at #704-734-0061.

NOTE: We have found that animals often take on the energy of illness for their owners. It is almost like a compassionate response. If your pet is facing a health challenge, consider that it may be in response to taking it on to save you the grief. If your animals need treatment for specific health issues, it may be worth looking into your own health.

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