Mucormycosis is a rare and opportunistic infection caused by fungi belonging to the order Mucorales. These molds are widespread in nature, as they exist on soil, decaying vegetation, fruits, and seeds and are air dispersed.

Until now these organisms had been rarely seen in clinical practice and were paid very little attention. However, recent reports have demonstrated an increasing incidence of these opportunistic molds causing rapidly evolving infections in severely immunocompromised patients. The fungi invade blood vessels and cause mucormycosis, an acute, rapidly spreading and fulminant systemic mycosis (fungal disease). Rhinocerebral (nose and brain), lung, gastrointestinal and abdomen-pelvic, cutaneous and widespread forms have been reported. The mortality rate is very high.

Cutaneous lesions from Mucorales are due to traumatic implantation or secondly can spread via the bloodstream to the skin. Mucorales infection may result in plaques, pustules and abscesses or necrotic, ulcerated lesions.

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