While the term fungus or mold may conjure up thoughts like slimy, green, smelly and rotten, fungi serve a very important role on our planet. Fungi (molds) recycle garbage and help turn dead trees back into soil for us. Some fungi are even utilized in food. Yeasts are the main ingredients in bread, beer and cheeses (none of which are exactly health promoting). But fungi have also caused problems like athlete's foot, allergies, serious infections. They are also used to create some toxic antibiotics.

All microorganisms are opportunistic, but fungi are perhaps the most. This means that fungi only live and thrive if the environment is conducive. If you find mold growing under your sink, killing the mold is not the ultimate answer, finding the leak that is making the area moist is. Mold is not the problem, it is the symptom or by-product of the leak you have. Fungi can only thrive in an environment that is conducive to allow it.

Dr. DeHaan has found that many skin issues, possibly even most skin issues, have a fungal connection. From moles to itchy spots to strange growths, some sort of fungus or mold is generally involved. While a damp boot may encourage mold, it is the internal chemistry of the body that allows fungus to grow on your body. If you see any evidence of mold on your body, it means you have it IN your body. That fungus under your nail is not localized there, it is evidence that you have allowed your body to become conducive to breeding fungus.

  • In the last few years Candida has become the "fourth most common infection acquired in hospitals." It was rarely seen 25 years ago.
  • Deaths caused by Aspergillus quadrupled during the 1980's and 1990's. These infections appear to be growing continually.
  • A fungus known as Cryptococcus has been causing increased infections in the Pacific Northwest region. It was once a very rare infection, but it is now causing enough problems so that doctors are becoming very concerned.
  • Histoplasma can cause lung disease and get into the human white blood cells. These white blood cells are responsible for giving the body immunity by destroying encroaching cells. This fungus has found a way to get inside the very cell that it is supposed to destroy!
  • Time magazine said toxic mold is spreading "like some sort of biblical plague." The New York Daily News called it "killer mold"

If your body is a host to any kind of fungal species, we want to eliminate it. Fungi do many good things in the environment, but it is harmful within the human body. A recent study indicated that 100% of women diagnosed with breast cancer had a history of nail fungus. Many forms of cancer have been linked to fungal causes. While we offer excellent, effective remedies and protocols to eliminate the fungus, the deeper question is "why?" Why has your internal environment & immune system allowed it? Why have we humans become more and more susceptible to fungal diseases?

An obvious part of the issue is that we eat too many of the "whites". White sugar, white flour, dairy and table salt are the "whites". None of these are utilized or digested well by the body and as they accumulate, they create a toxic waste that makes it perfect for fungus to grow (parasites like it as well). During Dr. DeHaan's years of clinical experience, he discovered that the strict Candida diets are not the solution to getting rid of fungus. The stress of following those diets can be counterproductive to the very cure you seek! Here are some effective ways to help your body get rid of fungus:

  • Get your intestine moving waste out regularly. IC-1 + IC-2 provide ingredients that will attract, trap and move out all that old waste and "white" toxicity. If those two products combined do not induce at least two bowel movements a day, add the Bowel Stimulant.
  • The body is too acidic and does not digest sugars properly. It would be helpful to cut back on refined sugars and simple carbohydrates. Sugars found in healthy foods like fruit are long chain and break down more slowly, so they do not pose a problem. It is refined carb foods that give the body a huge dose of immediate sugar and feed the bad guys (fungi live on sugar). The best way to alkaline is not alkaline water, it is a half teaspoon of baking soda stirred into a few ounces of cold water. Repeat twice a day for two weeks. You can test the pH of your saliva first thing in the morning to see how far you have to go. If acidity remains a problem, look at reducing meat and dairy in your diet as well.
  • If you have a history of Candida, yeast infections, scaly spots on your skin, skin cancer, itching, mold allergies, nail fungus or moles, it is likely that you also have parasites of some kind. The best detox for that is the MMS. The same MMS works to kill fungus as well. You can make a spray of MMS and spray it externally for skin fungus, and use it to kill the fungus in your home.