Digestive Aid

Digestive Aid is our complex enzyme formula. Enzymes are the catalysts (assistants) that convert nutrients to usable substances. In fact, enzymes regulate nearly all biochemical reactions in the body! Without them, life would not exist. We know healthy foods and supplements are essential to our health, but they are of no use to the body if enzymes do not convert the nutrients into energy and other usable elements.

A healthy diet should include all of the enzymes a body requires, so why have we created an enzyme supplement? First of all, enzymes are only found in raw foods. As soon as a food is cooked, or even heated, enzymes are destroyed. In order for your diet to contain all of the enzymes required for essential health, at least 80% of your diet would have to consist of raw, fully ripe fruits and vegetables. The body has a back-up system when your diet is insufficient, the pancreas and liver will then produce enzymes. However, our organs were designed to be a back-up, not the primary enzyme producers. When you require this production from the organs, it causes many digestive issues over time, such as craving unhealthy foods, increasing free radical damage and aging which appear as wrinkles around the mouth and eyes.

Daily Digestive Aid Is A Must! Even if you feel perfectly healthy, our Digestive Aid supplement is an excellent investment to the future of your health. If you are one of the few whose diet consists 80% of raw fruits and vegetables, you still need enzymes because most fruits and vegetables are genetically altered with enzyme inhibitors. Enzymes help food decompose, so inhibiting them allows food's shelf life to last longer before rotting. This is beneficial for grocery sales, but detrimental for our health. In addition, chemical pesticides and fertilizers deactivate many of the enzymes. Most fruits and vegetables are picked before they are ripe so they will not spoil on the way to the store, but this means the enzymes never mature. Now you understand why investing in our Supplemental enzymes ensures your future health. Our ingredients are created 100% from nature and plants.

  • Digestive Aid is especially beneficial for those who are not eating daily portions of fresh, raw vegetables and fruits.
  • Nutrients can only be absorbed into the body by delivery from the enzyme system. When this absorption is slowed or stopped; fatigue, lethargy and inability to concentrate commonly occurs.
  • Enzymes fight the aging process by increasing blood supply to the skin, delivering healthy nutrients and carrying away waste products that would otherwise leave your skin looking dull and wrinkled.
  • Once your bowels are working regularly, your food is being digested and your nutrients utilized optimally, you have a successful combination for achieving your ideal weight.
  • The enzyme protease breaks down proteins. The invaders of our blood system are protein coated (fungal forms, parasites, and bacteria) so it makes sense that ingesting protease on an empty stomach helps purify the blood of protein invaders.
  • The body uses enzymes to break down cysts, growths and tumors that can become serious threats if left unattended.

Signs of enzyme weakness:

  • Crow's feet around the eyes, longitudinal lines on the fingernails, teeth imprints around the edge of the tongue, or lack of mental clarity.
  • If you do not have a noticeable dip in the center of your top lip, you have a history of enzyme (raw food) deficiency.

NOTE: This product is not available at this time because we are not able to source some of the ingredients. We do have a product called Enzyme Complex that is quite amazing and you may want to review.

Use with all meals for best digestion.

Use with all meals for best digestion.

Your daily fiber intake keeps you regular.

The natural alternative to pepto-bismol.