Intestinal Cleanser 1

IC-1 IC-1 is our primary Intestinal Cleanser. In order to operate efficiently, everything in life requires cleaning. Most of us take the time to clean our house, car and teeth. We usually shower every day to remain attractive and clean. This is considered good hygiene, right? When you don't shower daily, the look and smell kind of give you away! But how many of us consider cleaning the inside of our body on a regular basis? We don't bathe just because we accumulated dirt, even the person with an office job sheds skin during the day, so cleaning is an obvious need. The inside of the body sheds cells as well. The process of every cell creating energy for your body also creates waste.

Nature designed Water and Fiber as the elements intended to cleanse and eliminate the waste the body makes during its natural functions. Most people do not get nearly enough fiber in their diet. The body was created to function ideally on a diet that is 80% raw fruits and vegetables where 95% of this total intake is actually fiber. If the human body was designed to have that kind of fiber intake just to help clean out natural waste and promote good health, imagine the need for fiber in a modern world with junk foods, food colorings, preservatives and sugars!

IC-1 was created to provide the fiber that your body desperately needs every day. IC-1 also contains many herbal ingredients that help absorb toxins and poisons that accumulate in the intestine from our modern diet containing many "substances" that were never intended to go into the body. Bowel health is critical and fundamental to every other function in the body. Bernard Jensen, one of the greatest organic nutritionists and biochemists of all time said, "All disease begins in the bowels."

Suggested Use

IC-1 is our special fiber formula that helps elimination of those foreign substances. One scoop used each evening gives your body the dose of fiber needed to keep the colon moving waste material along. It can be mixed in water, but is more effective when mixed with a couple ounces of organic apple juice. NOTE: IC-1 tends to lump and thicken quickly, so pour a few ounces of your apple juice in a small glass with a tight lid. Add your scoop of IC-1 and shake well, then drink immediately.

When ingested with our Bowel Stimulant, the Intestinal Cleansers work more efficiently than a high enema or colonic because together they cleanse the entire intestine, not just the lower portion. You will feel cleansed along with being happier and healthier. People will begin to notice that your skin looks younger and more radiant when the bowels are cleansed. To keep the body from becoming toxic, it often stores toxins in fat cells, so removing toxic waste often induces weight loss.