Intestinal Cleanser 2

IC-2 While our Intestinal Cleanser #1 is designed to offer the necessary fiber the intestines need, Intestinal Cleaner #2 is specially designed to mop up toxins and poisons. In any case where Dr. DeHaan suspects an infection, toxin or poison, he recommends taking IC-2. These cases may be from heavy metal toxicity; exposure to chemicals at work or while spraying your lawn; or even food poisoning. IC-2 is our natural alternative to pepto bismol. It is extremely effective at eliminating diarrhea, upset stomach and any other digestive complaint.

How It Works

The ingredients of IC-2 draw the toxins and poisons out of the blood, organs and tissues. These are taken to the large intestine, where they are trapped and then eliminated through bowel movements. If you want to ensure IC-2 is working efficiently, make sure you keep the bowels moving. You may want to consider taking IC-1 or the more powerful Bowel Stimulant if you use the higher doses of IC-2. DO NOT take Bowel Stimulant if the bowels are already loose or in pain.

Suggested Use

If you need immediate relief of diarrhea or possible food poisoning, take eight (8) capsules with a glass of water. If you suspect a low grade infection or potential toxins/poisons that need to be absorbed and eliminated, use 2 capsules twice a day for 5 days. Give your body a break for two days and then repeat this cycle again as many times as necessary. There are 100 capsules in each bottle.


Only the relevant attributes of each ingredient have been listed. Each of the following do many wonderful things for the body.

  • ACTIVATED WILLOW CHARCOAL - greatest known absorber of toxins and chemicals
  • PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE BENTONITE CLAY - absorbs 30-40 times its weight in toxins and fecal matter
  • LICORICE ROOT - mucilaginous, heals ulcers and hernias and documented to deactivate 1,500 + chemicals and toxins – studies performed by the Chinese
  • FLAX SEED - Lubricant source of omega 3 & 6 oils
  • APPLE FRUIT PECTIN - heavy metal detoxifier, used at Chernobyl for radiation detoxification
  • SLIPPERY ELM INNER BARK - mucilaginous, Detox
  • MARSHMALLOW ROOT - mucilaginous, Detox
  • PEPPERMINT LEAF - documented to promote health and normalize colon function
  • MEADOWSWEET - assists healing and repair specifically of the colon
  • PAPAYA - assists digesting toxic materials
  • RED CLOVER - detoxifier
  • BLACK COHOSH - detoxifier – neutralizes toxins
  • FENNEL SEED - helps relieve intestinal cramping and gas