Healing Salve

Our Healing Salve formula is so amazing that we had to make it an addition to our healing pharmacy. It was developed to heal and rebuild all varieties of tissue damage. Renowned master herbalist, Dr. John Christopher called his original recipe BF&C because it helped repair Bone, Flesh & Cartilage. We produce and supply his original recipe as the current owners of BF&C modified it and no longer use high quality ingredients. Dr. Christopher's original formula is the best and most effective so we are proud to reproduce his original BF&C as our Healing Salve.

Everyone needs to purchase this salve and have it on hand because it heals any type of tissue trauma better than any other product and will be useful in every household. Our Healing Salve heals sunburns and razor burns, scrapes and bruises, abrasions and all skin tissue traumas. It can also be used externally over a closed cut, wound or suture to help the wound heal with minimal scarring and no infection. Once applied and bandaged on the injury, the body will absorb it into areas like ruptured disk sites and old bone fractures that have not healed well. It offers instant, healing nipple relief for nursing mothers and is toxin-free so a quick wiping just before nursing will not harm the baby because it is essentially a food-grade product. It can be used to remove make-up and is far more nourishing than alcohol based cleaners. It is an incredible reliever for hemorrhoid sufferers. This salve heals all types of injuries, even post surgery and spinal injuries as it penetrates skin, tissue and bone, repairing and rebuilding your body. If you have ANY tissue that needs healing or repair, we are confident that our Healing Salve produces miracles.


Ingredients Include (almost all of which are organic):

  • Oat straw is high in silica and helps heal cartilage and bone particularly well. It is also high in trace minerals and is a wonderful nutrient supplier. It possesses mucilaginous qualities and aids in balancing the acid/alkaline levels of the system.
  • Mullein leaves are also mucilaginous in action both internally and externally but have the added benefit of aiding the endocrine system in balancing hormones - which are the messaging system of the body. It is an anti-inflammatory and high in trace minerals.
  • Queen of the Meadow, also called Gravel Root for its ability to breakdown unwanted buildup such as stones and arthritic deposits. This powerful blood purifier is also used to rebuild damaged nerves - both internally and externally.
  • Plantain is an incredible blood purifier and will rebuild damaged capillaries and other blood vessels.
  • Red clover blossoms are also a purifier and set up an alkaline condition on the skin that keeps it from becoming acidic, thus harboring disease and creating wrinkles even those from age - to some extent :-}
  • Skullcap is an herb used to repair nerve damage - especially on the surface like abrasions known as "road rash" or any other minor to moderate skin damage.
  • White Oak Bark has been used as an astringent, toning and tightening loose and swollen tissue - really nice for such things as minor sunburn. The tannic acid is very beneficial for healing and purifies the blood.
  • Wormwood is an herb with biblical ties - it is the Bitter Root. As such it is an antiseptic and will aid healing by keeping the acid/alkaline levels proper for healing and rebuilding of sound tissue.
  • The vegetable glycerine and olive oil draw out the medicinal properties of the herbs as they soak in the warm mixture that you prepare. Olive oil draws out a number of medicinal properties and the glycerine draws out things that even the olive oil can't. Glycerine itself has conditioning properties that can double healing time and diminish the risk of scaring. It is humectant (attracting water) which supplies moisture to the damaged area for repair and cleansing.
  • The bee's wax acts by firming up the ointment. It also has properties of its own to create an alkaline condition, keep the area moist - all tissue needs moisture to heal; remember that the body is principally water - and helps decay to break down and flush through or off the body.