Bocavirus is a fairly new virus, in terms of discovery. It is generally found in infants and children that are very sick with acute respiratory tract infections. It has been connected to cough, wheezing, fever, cyanosis (bluish or grayish tint to skin due to lack of oxygen), runny nose, diarrhea and vomiting. Research is not conclusive, but it may be linked to more serious respiratory issues like pneumonia and COPD. Some evidence shows that it may even have a link with some cancers like leukemia.

Since the virus can be detected in high numbers in the respiratory tract and in respiratory secretions of some hospitalized patients, investigators believe the bocavirus is mainly spread to other humans via respiratory secretions. However, it can also be found in stools (diarrhea) and in blood, so these are alternative ways for the virus to spread.

At this point it is not believed that Bocavirus is the primary virus causing the infections because it always seems to be found with other viruses like RSV, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Herpes, etc.

If you suspect Bocavirus to be a problem, it has been included as one of the antidotes in the Parvovirus Remedy.