Viruses are too small to be seen by the naked eye. They are made up of genetic materials (DNA or RNA) surrounded by a protective coat of protein. They are capable of latching onto cells and getting inside them. Viruses cause disease by infecting a host cell and controlling the host cell's synthetic capabilities to produce more viruses. The new created viruses then leave the host cell, sometimes killing it in the process, and proceed to infect other cells within the host.

Most of the time, viral infections are systemic. This means they infiltrate multiple areas of the body or more than one body system at the same time. An example would be influenza (flu) with its symptoms of a runny nose, sinus congestion, cough and body aches, where experiencing pain in just one ear is more likely a bacteria. However, viruses can be localized to one area of the body, as in viral conjunctivitis or pink eye. Rarely are viral infections painful, but some are as in genital herpes and shingles. The pain of viral infections is often described as itching or burning. Some viruses, such as those that cause hemorrhaging (like Ebola), can be lethal.

CAUTION! Do not assume that a virus only causes the known symptoms and diseases commonly associated with them. Within the last couple of decades of testing, Dr. DeHaan has often found that a virus thought to cause one issue in a given area can cause a completely different set of symptoms or disease in another area. Imagine an influenza virus in the connective tissue instead of the respiratory system. That causes some unusual joint problems that mimic arthritis or even Lyme disease. Just because science has not discovered it yet, does not mean it isn’t the case.

Because viruses invade cells, no drugs or medicine have been formulated to kill viruses. The human immune system is the only defense against a viral disease. The Quantum Remedies we offer in this section are designed to assist the immune system in targeting and destroying all viral activity quickly and efficiently. When looking at a virus in a holistic manner, we need to look at a virus as if it were genetic material trying to do an upgrade in our body. It is part of the evolution of microbiology. These remedies have a track record of providing healing results where other treatments have failed because they assist the body in the "upgrade transition" if you will.