The Arthropod / Vector Detox Remedies represent detox assistance for various toxins and poisons associated with the not so friendly biting/stinging critters. You might think of these as the “where did it come from” remedies. The word Vector in this case means, origin or source.

These quantum remedies can be administered immediately after being assaulted by one of the listed Arthropods, but are also useful after the bite/sting incident, even after all signs of the local bite or sting site have vanished.

It is possible that the venom or poison from any bite or sting remains in the tissues of the body long after the initial bite or sting. It is also possible that it came with additional contaminants. For instance, when a mosquito bites an animal or person, it draws the blood with all the bacteria and germs that are in that animal or person. The next person or animal that mosquito finds, has now been exposed to anything that mosquito carried from the first bite. Now you have not only the toxin that naturally comes with the bite or sting, but the germ and bacteria that the insect was carrying.

In addition: When the body becomes exposed to something it interprets as harmful, it creates a memory of it and then associates the harmful germ with the memory of the bite or sting. Let’s use our mosquito analogy again. The mosquito bites you and infects you with bacteria. The body recognizes the invasion and alerts the immune system. Unfortunately, it associates the bite with the bacteria, so every time you are bit by a mosquito, the body thinks it is getting re-infected even if there are no additional bacteria in the next mosquito bite. The reaction to the bite now is interpreted as dangerous to your health, a high alert, making mosquito bites much more reactive than they would be if the body did not have this faulty message system running. Severe reactions and Anaphylactic threats are not normal responses, there is often a deeper reason for that allergic response. Avoiding the insect isn’t always the easiest to do, and avoidance is not a solution. The remedies listed on this page were designed to address the various toxins and poisons known to be associated with that animal. Remember that just because you do not have evidence at the original bite/sting site, these toxins may still be lodged in body tissues causing or contributing to your health complaints.  Use our On-line Consultation to help figure out your situation.