Coxsackieviruses are part of the enterovirus family that thrive in the human digestive tract. They are very contagious and can spread from person to person, usually on unwashed hands and surfaces contaminated by feces, where they can live for several days. In most cases, coxsackieviruses cause mild flu-like symptoms and go away without treatment. Coxsackievirus can produce a wide variety of symptoms. Nearly half of all kids infected with coxsackievirus have no symptoms. Those that have symptoms develop high fever, headache, and muscle aches. Some also develop a sore throat, abdominal discomfort, or nausea. A child with a coxsackievirus infection may simply feel hot but have no other symptoms. In most children, the mild fever lasts about 3 days and then disappears.

The most well known Coxsackie A disease is Hand, Foot and Mouth disease (unrelated to foot and mouth disease), a common childhood illness which affects mostly children aged 10 or under, often produced by Coxsackie A16. In most cases infection is asymptomatic or causes only mild symptoms. In others, infection produces short-lived (7–10 days) fever and painful blisters in the mouth (a condition known as herpangina), on the palms and fingers of the hand, or on the soles of the feet. There can also be blisters in the throat and on or above the tonsils.

Occasionally, coxsackieviruses can cause more serious infections that may need medical attention. These include:

  • Viral meningitis, an infection of the meninges (the three membranes that envelop the brain and spinal cord).
  • Encephalitis, a brain infection.
  • Myocarditis, an infection of the heart muscle.

Newborns can be infected from their mothers during or shortly after birth and are more at risk for developing serious infection, including myocarditis, hepatitis, and meningoencephalitis (an inflammation of the brain and meninges). In newborns, symptoms can develop up to 2 weeks after birth.

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