Most centipedes are venomous to a certain extent, but generally the venom is only dangerous to the small insects that they eat. There are a few larger centipedes that can deliver a lethal dose of pain with their venom, but a centipede bite is rarely life threatening. Centipede bite marks resemble snake bite marks in the way that two tiny puncture marks are seen at the spot. A centipede does not deliver the poison with its teeth or jaws. Instead, the structures that "bite" are actually the modified first legs of the centipede. These legs are called "maxillipedes." A venom gland lies near the base of the maxillipedes so that once the centipede inserts its maxillipedes into the skin of its victim, the venom flows out into the wound.

Centipede toxin contains chemicals that dissolve proteins and other chemicals that can be toxic to the heart although most people will never feel any effects. The rippling pain seems to come from two chemicals known as serotonin and histamine. You may experience severe swelling, chills, fever and weakness, and people with severe allergies to bee stings can experience anaphylactic shock.

One story of a man bitten by a large centipede (while he slept) in Hawaii said that within 15 minutes his hand was double the size. The pain was absolutely excruciating! The swelling lasted a full week and even after it went away, he would have relapse pain every three weeks or so with itching at the bite site even though it all looked normal and healed. Obviously that meant the toxin was not eliminated from his tissues. In this case, the man went to the emergency room and was given pain medicine and antibiotics, neither of which could actually help with the problem.


The highest reported centipede bites occur in Hawaii. One of the most common home remedies is to apply a small amount of urine topically to the bite site. The Urea and Ammonia in the urine neutralize many of the toxins and greatly reduce the pain. Any urine will work, it does not have to be your own (though that may be preferred).

Our Centipede Detox Remedy will detoxify negative or foreign forms of serotonin, histamine, along with hyaluronidase and hemolytic toxins.

Remember that our Liquid Detox is one of the most effective remedies for treating/healing bites and wounds. It is powerful at helping reduce pain, swelling and itching, and is very effective at preventing infection. You can apply it directly to the bite or wound or soak the absorbent part of a band aid (3-5 drops) in Liquid Detox and apply it to the bite or wound.