The natural habitat for bacillus is officially considered the soil. It has even been named as "normal flora" of the soil. However, the spores seem to live happily in a variety of sources, and they thrive under some pretty adverse conditions. This remedy is of significance on many levels. Bacillus is the genre of bacteria where the deadly Anthrax is found. While this remedy is designed to antidote anthracis (the cause of anthrax) and all of the species in the Bacillus genre, it is even more effective for one of the following bacterial strains and the toxins produced / harvested from them:

  • B. amyloliquefaciensis and the antibiotic protein barnase harvested from it as well as alpha amylase used in starch hydrolysis, the protease subtilisin used with detergents, and the BamH1 restriction enzyme used in DNA research.
  • A portion of the B. thuringiensis genome was incorporated into corn (and cotton) crops. The resulting GMOs are therefore resistant to some insect pests. This remedy is often used as a GMO detox.
  • B. thuringiensis is an insect pathogen so is sometimes used as a biological pesticide, also used as insecticides and genetically modified crops.
  • B. coagulans can be found in food spoilage of highly acidic, tomato based products.
  • B. cereus, which causes a foodborne illness (food poisoning) similar to that of Staphylococcus. It is the cause of "Fried Rice Syndrome," as the bacteria is classically contracted from fried rice dishes that have been sitting at room temperature for hours (such as at a buffet). Certain strains are used as probiotics, so a contaminated supplement might have introduced this to your system. Toxicity of this bacteria can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It is also known to cause chronic skin infections.
  • The notable anthracis and all of its toxic forms is also included. Three forms of anthrax disease are recognized based on their form of inoculation. Cutaneous, the most common form (95%), causes a localized inflammatory black necrotic lesion (eschar). Pulmonary, highly fatal and characterized by sudden massive chest edema followed by cardiovascular shock. Gastrointestinal, rare but also fatal (causes death to 25%) type results from ingestion of spores

PREVENTION: It has been noted that resistance to the B. anthracis bacteria can be achieved by drinking polyphenols, such as found in black tea. This does not counteract the spores, so it works more as a preventative agent than a treatment option. Tea must be consumed without milk.

This Quantum Formula antidotes for the various species in the Bacillus genus, as well as catalase, barnase, alpha amylase, subtilisin, BamH1 restriction enzyme, cereulide, cereolysin, phospholipase C, Hemolysin BL Hbl, Nonhemolytic Enterotoxin Nhe, Cytotoxin K CytK, 5-HT3>serotonin, Plasmid pBCE4810, plasmid pXO1, D-glutamate, exotoxin calmodulin-dependent Adenylate Cyclase, edema.factor, siderophore proteins IsdX1 and IsdX2.